4th July 2014 written by Whistler         

lately the survival MMO hybrid genre has seen steady surge of popularity with titles like Rust, Stomping Lands and Day Z (which was once a mod of Arma 2 and is now underway with its own…

Nether Review - Morbid Play

15th July 2014 written by Whistler         

Published by ATLUS and developed by ACE Team, the guys who brought you the Zeno Clash series; Abyss Odyssey incorporates various elements from side scrolling action reminiscent of Castlevania…

Abyss Odyssey Review - Morbid Play

22nd July 2014 written by Whistler         

I always felt like the Divinity series was one step behind and always playing catch up with the Elder Scroll series (though I do fondly remember older iterations like Beyond Divinity), however with…

Divinity: Original Sin Review - Morbid Play

24th July 2014 written by Xeno         

So I was sitting around killing time when Whistler brought a certain game to my attention,

Tormentum - Dark Sorrow. In development by small Polish studio, OhNoo, Tormentum is a 2D…

Tormentum Demo

28th July 2014 written by Xeno         

There are three types of games I love:

1. Turn Based Strategy

2. Point and Click Adventure

3. Puzzles…

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