13th July 2015 written by Bad Demoman

On today of all days, I'm reminded of why I love video games so much, and what drew me to them in the first place. Video games are a special form of media that are capable of making me happy…

A Kirby Restrospective - Morbid Play

21st July 2015 written by Dragoon

The Dark Knight is the newest Job class introduced to Final Fantasy XIV. It’s a magic based tank that has high damage and self-healing but relies heavily on MP management. I’ve been playing the tank…

Embrace Your Darkside: FFXIV Dark Knight - Morbid Play

24th July 2015 written by Whistler

Ah 19th century Japan, while I’d prefer the Edo period as the perfect setting for my open world samurai adventure the Imperial Japan era is still a suitable stage. Given it’s a period where…

Way of the Samurai 4 Review - Morbid Play

27th July 2015 written by Dragoon

The first thing that you will probably experience in Ironwards The Red Solstice is death and it will be a massively reoccurring element throughout your time with the game. Move too fast through the…

The Red Solstice Review -  Morbid Play

1st August written by Whistler

If there was one thing old school platformers of the 8 and 16 bit era proved it was that even a simple concept can be thoroughly enjoyable time and time again. No matter how far technology…

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