3rd August 2014 written by Whistler        

Now I’ll freely admit that especially since I tend to avoid fighters (cause I seriously suck at trying to remember combos) BlazBlue only showed up on my radar back when Calamity Trigger was just…

BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma Review - Morbid Play

7th August 2014 written by Whistler        

Way back in 2009 one avid gamer who probably spent more time playing the original X-COM than I played Killing Floor (which is a feat in itself), who became disappointed with games failing to…

Xenonauts Review - Morbid Play

8th August 2014 written by Xeno       

Sometimes the gaming gods are good to me. I got my hands on the newest “King's Bounty” game “The Dark Side”, not only is it a Kings Bounty game (I own EVERY King's Bounty game) but it’s also…

King's Bounty: The Dark Side Review - Morbid Play

12th August 2014 written by Whistler      

Continuing with the 2014 tradition of rogue-likes, Ascendant is a side scrolling rogue-like brawler that boasts a rather unforgiving gameplay along with lots of random generation and procedurally…

Ascendant Review - Morbid Play

19th August 2014 written by Whistler      

Going back in time to somewhere around 1997, Matt Bozon and his future wife created the character Shantae, from there Shantae slowly developed into a fully-fledged Gameboy Colour platformer by…

Shantae: Risky's Revenge Review - Morbid Play Games anime tech film PC snes megadrive nes saturn psx ps2 ps3 xbox xbox360 n64 ps4 xbox one 3ds Morbid        Play
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