4th December 2014  written by Bad Demoman

I am a massive fan of the Smash Brothers series. I've played every game so far, from Smash 64 to even Project M (for those that don't know, Project M is a mod for Brawl that attempts to make…

Super Smash Bros Review -  Morbid Play

5th December 2014  written by Whistler

Well someone got too excited too quickly, and for once it wasn’t myself.

With Playstation Experience set to begin later this weekend it seems Capcom pushed out their…

Street Fighter V Announcment leaked - Morbid Play

9th December 2014  written by Xeno

When Frozen Synapse came out I was ecstatic. A turn based, squad combat game where turns are taken at the same time. The maniacal commander in me was out in full force…

Frozen Synapse Prime Review - Morbid Play

12th December 2014  written by Bad Demoman

It's been a good couple of weeks for the Fighting Game enthusiasts among us. There seems to be news coming out left, right and center for us.

First off, there’s the Street Fighter 5…

A week in fighting games - Morbid Play

16th December 2014  written by Whistler

It’s certainly been an interesting year, we’ve seen many greats crumble, we’ve seen many diamonds in the rough and so as this year comes to a close I got to review one last 4x empire strategy game…

Endless Legend Review - Morbid Play Games anime tech film Morbid        Play
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