7th October 2014 written by Whistler

Well it’s October 7th in the UK, and while most of you are most likely indulging in some Alien: Isolation (how is it by the way?), I like any other self-respecting video game journalist…

Styx: Master of Shadows PC Review - Morbid Play

10th October 2014 written by Xeno

So cards on the table, I'm a MASIVE aliens fan. No really, I have all the movies on multiple formats, the Xenomorph is my phone and PC backgrounds, my web handle comes from the Xenomorph's name…

Alien: Isolation Review - Morbid Play

11th October 2014  written by Whistler

The Korean based indie studio have begun a kickstarter for their current project Dicetiny (pronounced dais-tini). What’s this Dicetiny you ask, well Dicetiny is a digital board game mixed…

Dicetiny Kickstarter - Morbid Play

18th October 2014  written by Whistler

Now me and the space RPG genre have always had an awkward relationship, most titles never really hitting that spot of exciting galactic exploration of the stars along with nail biting dog fights nor…

Starpoint Gemini 2 Review - Morbid Play

20th October 2014  written by Whistler

Every now and then I’d shed a small tear of nostalgic joy for the side scrolling brawlers of days gone past, sadly the genre’s never really made a comeback nor kept up with other’s that evolved…

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