3rd March 2015 written by Dragoon

In today’s rapidly growing Indie scene new games need to have a unique selling point to stand out and this is something that Apotheon by Alien Trap Games definitely delivers…

Apotheon Review -  Morbid Play

10th March 2015 written by Bad Demoman

Castle in the Darkness is a game I very much so wanted to love. A Metroidvania that touts itself as ''Fast-paced, challenging, and full of secrets!''. While its far from inspired in the current indie…

Castle in the Darkness Review -  Morbid Play

17th March 2015 written by Bad Demoman

Oceanhorn is an action adventure game that was originally released on iOS devices by Cornfox & Brothers. Considering all I hear about from the iOS platform is pay-to-win games designed to…

Oceanhorn Review -  Morbid Play

19th March 2015 written by Whistler

For a while now I’ve been debating the concept that the golden age of JRPG’s was between the fifth and sixth generation of gaming in particular the PSX, PS2 and GBA that offered so timeless…

Agarest 2  Review - Morbid Play

24th March 2015 written by Xeno

Cities XXL is the latest in the long running Cities XL series of city builders. XXL does all of the basics of a city builder right. It give you a large plot of land to start on and lets you build up from a little…

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