18th September 2014 written by Whistler

I was actually surprised that the horror genre took a bit of a break as of late, but my palette’s been given a break and ready to dive into the genre once more. Starting in 2012, eight man team…

Doorways: Underworld Review - Morbid Play

21st September 2014 written by Whistler

Empire strategy games have come a long way but ever since the times of Civilization V and Total War: Shogun 2, that after so much expansion that it was starting to show how difficult it was to…

Age of Wonders III Review - Morbid Play

23rd September 2014 written by Whistler

One particular mechanic drew me to Games Farm’s fantasy action RPG, Shadows: Heretic Kingdoms.

This mechanic was the ability to switch between your two main protagonists, a soul devouring…

Shadows: Heretic Kingdoms Review - Morbid Play

26th September 2014 written by Bad Demoman

Asteria is a Sci-fi take on what seems to be a growing genre in recent years – Sandbox Survival (Although many just refer to it as ''Minecraft Clone'' or ''Terraria Clone''). In a genre that seems to…

Asteria Review - Morbid Play

28th September 2014 written by Whistler

I vividly remember one early Christmas day, thanks to my father’s discovery of a mystical shop in the streets of Glasgow I grabbed myself a copy of Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy Tactics Advance…

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