19th August written by Bad Demoman

Q-Games is a developer most known for their Pixel Junk series, although the games in the series itself have little to do with each other. The newest entry in the series, Nom Nom Galaxy, is a pretty…

Nom Nom Galaxy Review - Morbid Play

21st August written by Dragoon

Victor Vran by Haemimont Games is a game that borrows a lot from other sources. The setting and story are very reminiscent of old gothic tales such as Dracula and Victor himself is an obvious…

Victor Vran Review -  Morbid Play

24th August written by Whistler

It’s no mystery that I adore Harebrained Scheme’s Shadowrun series, based on a tabletop roleplaying game set in the future with heavy cyberpunk themes weaved intricately with fantasy and..

Shadowrun Hong Kong Review - Morbid Play

25th August written by Dragoon

Gryphon Knight Epic, the debut game from Cyber Rhino Studios, is a side-scrolling shoot-em-up set in a medieval world with you playing as Sir Oliver, a knight riding a gryphon. This is an interesting…

Gryphon Knight Epic Review -  Morbid Play

30th August written by Bad Demoman

You know, sometimes I'm not particularly comfortable with how comparable a lot of games are in the current gaming market. Anything with pixels and exploration is a Minecraft clone…

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