12th August 2014 written by Whistler      

Continuing with the 2014 tradition of rogue-likes, Ascendant is a side scrolling rogue-like brawler that boasts a rather unforgiving gameplay along with lots of random generation and procedurally…

Ascendant Review - Morbid Play

19th August 2014 written by Whistler      

Going back in time to somewhere around 1997, Matt Bozon and his future wife created the character Shantae, from there Shantae slowly developed into a fully-fledged Gameboy Colour platformer by…

Shantae: Risky's Revenge Review - Morbid Play

29th August 2014 written by Whistler      

Thankfully these days we’ve seen the genre of tile-based action RPG’s coming back with a righteous fury with amazing titles like Xenonauts, Wasteland 2, and of course Divinity: Original Sin…

Halfway Review - Morbid Play

30th August 2014 written by Xeno     

Pineview Drive is a horror game out of Visual Imagination Software. Now I can't say I'm a fan of the indie horror scene, few to many Daylights and not enough Amnesias but I got given…

Pineview Drive Review - Morbid Play

2nd September 2014 written by Whistler   

Once again I spin the gaming review wheel of fortune for overused genres, and shock horror, once again it lands down on top down shooter rogue-like shooter…

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