3rd December 2016 written by Bad Demoman

Final Fantasy Month has come to an end. It was great fun, talking about so many fantastic memories from games I played as a child. So I find it only fitting that I finish things off by talking about…

FF Month: Bravely Going Nowhere New - Bravely Default and the Job System - Morbid Play

10th December 2016  written by Whistler

It’s always a mystery in itself when you dive into the many twists and turns that happen during a game’s development, but how does a 10 year development cycle effect the final product?

Where Worlds Divide - Final Fantasy XV PS4 Review - Morbid Play

19th December 2016 written by Whistler

You can’t argue that Team ICO’s design philosophy has been outstandingly ambitious despite having so few titles under their belts. Both game’s on the Playstation 2 were massive hits with critics…

A Boy and his Trico - The Last Guardian PS4 Review - Morbid Play

27th December 2016 written by the Morbid Play staff

2016 has come and gone (well going soon), we’ve had many big titles finally released. But not all were the best, and plenty were the worst but what are the Morbid Play staff’s Best and Worst…

Best and Worst of 2016 - Morbid Play

7th January 2017 written by Whistler

Y’know, ninjas and video games go together so well it’s a wonder they’re so rarely seen these days and even when they do they tend to be relegated to the hack n’ slash formula. So much like…

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