31st March 2015 written by Xeno

A while back I reviewed the demo for Tormentum - Dark Sorrow. Well the full game is out so let’s see if the full adventure stands up to the high bar that the demo set…

Tormentum Review - Morbid Play

1st April 2015 written by Whistler

Ah high school, a place where you meet friends, grow as an individual and begin on the path of mastering your chosen ‘craft’. Well, for most people that’s how it is…

Watamote Review - Morbid Play

6th April 2015 written by Whistler

Ah childhood, I still fondly remember the days I feverishly spent drawing maps and characters on grid based paper and even created stand up paper avatars to traverse my imagination…

Crayon Chronicles Review - Morbid Play

14th April 2015 written by Whistler

Utter carnage ensues, blood floods the halls and a many limbs are strewn across the Killing Floor as housemates and myself partake in the carnival of macabre and gore that is Tripewire Interactive’s…

Killing Floor 2 Early Review - Morbid Play

17h April 2015 written by Dragoon

The Japanese developer Gusts Atelier series has always been a bit of an odd duck in the JRPG landscape. While most JRPGs focus on a giant sprawling adventure to defeat a central…

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