29th June 2014 written by Zander          

These days MMOs tend to fall into two unofficial categories where either they stride too far off the norm that tend to give a surge then land them into the meh pile (Aion and Tera for example)…

Landmark  Review - Morbid Play

1st July 2014 written by Whistler         

If you were born around the 90’s then it’s likely you played a few bullet hell shooters like R-Type, Einhander, Dradius, Pulstar, and the list goes on.

All these titles belonging to the genre are all still…

Project Root  Review - Morbid Play

4th July 2014 written by Whistler         

lately the survival MMO hybrid genre has seen steady surge of popularity with titles like Rust, Stomping Lands and Day Z (which was once a mod of Arma 2 and is now underway with its own…

Nether Review - Morbid Play

15th July 2014 written by Whistler         

Published by ATLUS and developed by ACE Team, the guys who brought you the Zeno Clash series; Abyss Odyssey incorporates various elements from side scrolling action reminiscent of Castlevania…

Abyss Odyssey Review - Morbid Play

22nd July 2014 written by Whistler         

I always felt like the Divinity series was one step behind and always playing catch up with the Elder Scroll series (though I do fondly remember older iterations like Beyond Divinity), however with…

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