15th June 2015 written by Whistler

Oh my, so E3 big hitters has kicked off with Bethesda at the helm and I must say. While I tend not to really pay attention to these goliath conferences so as to avoid as much unnecessary…

E3 2015 Bethesda Press Conference- Morbid Play

17th June 2015 written by Bad Demoman

Sony had a pretty exceptional conference. They announced a lot of stuff that people have been anticipating for years. The Final Fantasy 7 Remake, Shenmue 3 and The Last Guardian – These are…

E3 2015 NintendoPress Conference- Morbid Play

23rd June 2015 written by Dragoon

As a kid I either had my nose buried in a book or a controller in my hands so you can imagine the delight I felt when I found out about a series of books that were also games! These books had…

Destiny Quest Infinite Review -  Morbid Play

26th June 2015 written by Bad Demoman

I'll be perfectly honest, when A Pixel Story by Lamplight Games was presented to me for the first time it was met with instant, unrelenting cynicism. I've expressed before that sometimes…

A Pixel Story Review -  Morbid Play

1st July 2015 written by Whislter

It’s been several years since the conception of the Arkham series that has earned a notable amount of adoration for being one of the few good video game iterations of the caped crusader…

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