5th September 2014 written by Everlasting

Taking something that everyone loves and changing it is a very risky thing to do. For example, rather than carrying 1 or two books with you on a long journey, you can now go from A to B with a small…

Hex Review - Morbid Play

12th September 2014 written by Whistler

Every now and then it’s a pleasant change to be reviewing something that isn’t a top down shooter, rogue-like or RPG (and especially not a hybrid of the three); so instead I got to spend a chunk of my…

The Sims 4 Review - Morbid Play

14th September 2014 written by Xeno

For those of you who were living under a rock; Kick Ass 2 was a pretty meh movie that came out in 2013, so its quite odd Freedom Factory felt the need to make a game based on it over a year…

Kick Ass 2 Review - Morbid Play

16th September 2014 written by Whistler

It’s not common that you find a game based on a poem, The Wasteland is one such game inspired by T.S Eliot’s poem of the same name. The Wasteland is a tale that sees the player in the role of King…

The Wasteland Review - Morbid Play

18th September 2014 written by Whistler

I was actually surprised that the horror genre took a bit of a break as of late, but my palette’s been given a break and ready to dive into the genre once more. Starting in 2012, eight man team…

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