10th January 2015 written by Bad Demoman

Delver is a game I've been watching for a fair while now. It started development around about 2012, partially inspired by a Ludum Dare game made by Notch called Prelude of the Chambered…

Delver Preview -  Morbid Play

11th January 2015 written by Dragoon

Fugitive Games, a studio created by former DICE leads, have recently launched a Kickstarter for their debut game Into the Stars. The game is an open world space survival simulation and is being…

Into the Stars Kickstarter - Morbid Play

13th January 2015 written by Xeno

I have played plenty of stealth games. It’s a genre of game that I have a real soft spot for. It can be immensely rewarding when you stake out a room, drop all the guards and make off with…

Clandestine Early Review - Morbid Play

14th January 2015 written by Whistler

Finally it’s time once again, for us to gear up, strap on our goggles, hook up our decks, set our cyber watches and dive back into the realm of…

Shadowrun Hong Kong - Morbid Play

21st January 2015 written by Bad Demoman

Out of all the Legend of Zelda games, Legend of Zelda II may be the most divisive. Some hate it because it's so very different from the other Legend of Zelda game. So needless to say, there's…

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