12th July 2017 written by Bad Demoman

Samurai is one of the two new DPS classes introduced to Final Fantasy 14 in Stormblood. It’s by far the more popular of the two (Who would’ve known that fans of a Japanese series would…

Settlers of Katana: FFXIV Samurai - Morbid Play

14th July 2017 written by Dragoon

Have you ever wanted a Final Fantasy 14 job with the ability to both cast magic at range and stab monsters in the face up close? If so the latest expansion Stormblood has answered…

Black, White and Red All Over: FFXIV Red Mage - Morbid Play

20th July 2017 written by the Morbid Play staff

With each expansion the playing field for Final Fantasy XIV’s jobs has seen some shifting, but how do they fare now with 4.0, Stormblood and the combat overhaul affecting our beloved classes?

Time to Change Jobs: Final Fantasy XIV - Morbid Play

8th November 2017 written by Bad Demoman

Final Fantasy 14 is the first MMO that I’ve ever reached “Endgame” in. As I’ve previously mentioned, I never got hugely into World of Warcraft, and I used to play a bunch of free…

FF Month: Final Fantasy 14s Endgame - Game Over? - Morbid Play

11th November 2017 written by Dragoon

It's that time of year where we here at Morbid Play turn our attention towards one of our favourite franchises, Final Fantasy. Last year I took a critical glance at one of the series more polarising…

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