Written by the Morbid Play Staff 27th December 2016

2016 has come and gone (well going soon), we’ve had many big titles finally released. But not all were the best, and plenty were the worst but what are the Morbid Play staff’s Best and Worst Video Games of 2016?

This seems to be a bit of a trend for me given last year's Undertale pick, but yet again I’m going for an indie game in a year filled with fantastic Triple A games. Overwatch nearly edged its way in, as I’ve spent a ridiculous amount of time on it this year, and Momodora was also a hot contender due to it being the best Metroidvania I’ve ever played. However, my pick this year is a tad biased, I will admit. My Game of the Year is Welcome to VA-11 HALL-A, the Cyberpunk Bartending Simulator. This one needs a little bit of context - I’m a Bartender myself. VA-11 HALL-A came out at a time when I’d just been let go from my bartending job. As anyone that’s been unemployed for any length of time will tell you, it can be really disheartening, and I started to wonder if Bartending was really for me. Playing VA-11 HALL-A reminded my why I loved Bartending - the people. With gameplay almost entirely centred around interacting with your customers on a personal level and picking the right drink for them, it’s a fantastic example of a social interaction simulator even though you can’t choose what to say, except through certain choices of drink. It’s almost like making a drink for someone you’ve chatted to is a test of how well you know them. Making the drinks is simple as can be. Your time is infinite, and you can look up the ingredients any time. You can even make any number of mistakes and simply remake the drink, so long as you realize your fault before serving. Not exactly a 100% accurate portrayal of Bartending - it’s a wee bit harder than that, but the result is a very relaxing game. It helps that it resulted in me making an important decision in my life. I’m still a Bartender to this day, and I absolutely love it.

Jojo's Bizarre Adventures Eyes of Heaven PS4 Review - Morbid Play

While I didn’t review any gobsmackingly terrible games this year, I did review quite a few mediocre ones. Seraph was dumbed down yet still managed to be frustrating in its difficulty, despite its simplicity, but it was definitely not severe enough to be considered the worst of the year. Super Mutant Alien Assault is a tempting choice, since it really has nothing going for it. Promising high intensity action with tonnes of replayability, it instead has shallow mechanics for artificially tense gameplay and a small pool of weapons to play with. However, even though it probably wouldn’t be considered as bad as Super Mutant Alien Assault, my worst game of the year is Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure : Eyes of Heaven. This is because I’m a huge fan of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, and I was really looking forward to this one. With its mind numbingly repetitive action, it left me never wanting to hear the well known stand cry of “Ora Ora Ora!” ever again - and given that that’s pretty much what Jojo’s all about, that's saying quite a lot. In spite of it’s cast and what could have been faithful portrayals of them, it falls flat with its lack of diversity in actual gameplay. You know it's bad when it left me yearning to go back to All Star Battle, which might have not been a good fighting game, but it was definitely a good Jojo’s game. Even the story undermines what made Dio a fantastic villain, and scrapes the bottom of the barrel in terms of reasoning why all these characters, including the dead, should suddenly fight each other. Eyes of Heaven’s failure is particularly problematic for the Western Jojo’s fan, because it leaves us with little hope of seeing any more Video Game releases for the series over here. I had thought that All Star Battle's mediocre performance would have been enough, but Eyes of Heaven is almost certainly the nail in the coffin for Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure video games in the West.



Dark Souls III PS4 Review - Morbid PlayPersonally, 2016 has been a year of over-hyped disappointments and missed opportunities for AAA releases. There have been some stand-out games though, I thoroughly enjoyed my last outing with Nathan Drake in Uncharted 4 and of course Overwatch has been a huge release but for me Dark Souls 3 is the best I’ve played this year. In my eyes it’s the true sequel to the first Dark Souls after the disappointing Dark Souls 2, the world is deep and the gameplay is a more refined version of the series signature style. Fromsoft finally added an easier way to play with your friends which Whistler and I made extensive use of during our time with the game. The bosses are memorable and there were plenty of surprising mechanics for the battles with them. It’s a game I’ve already poured 100’s of hours into and I’m sure there will be many more in the future.

Now for the aforementioned disappointments, the biggest for me was the constant release delay for Persona 5 which was the game I got my PS4 to play. I’m sure it’ll be great when it finally does release here in the west but we’ll have to wait until 2017 now. The biggest failure of this years releases though is the absolute train wreck that was No Mans Sky. This game was hyped to high heaven by it’s developer, Hello Games, who made statements that sounded too good to be true. And that they were. On release No Man Skys was a barebones imitation of what was promised, there were no epic space battles and no fantastic, outlandish aliens. While there are a ridiculous amount of procedurally generated planets they are all pretty much the same collection of rocks in different colours and tedious mining became the main focus of the game. If it had released as an indie game with a suitable price tag and if the PR for it was handled more appropriately it probably would have done a lot better. Sadly the lies and broken promises just became too much for it to bear and now all we have is a quickly discarded game that wasted it’s potential.


DOOM PS4 Review - Morbid Play2016 for gaming has gone by in a flash it seems, seeing some of the biggest long awaited releases and indie gems dotted throughout.

For me my choice of best game of 2016 feels a little bitter sweet though, in a perfect world it should have been Final Fantasy XV for such heartfelt companionship or The Last Guardian for it’s unique relationship. Hell even Dark Souls III’s almost perfect blend of all other Souls’ games should’ve gave it an easy win. But sometimes you need to take narrative rich storytelling, lovable characters, epic sprawling quests… and chuck em’ all on the fire to provide kindling for some much needed nonsensical DOOM violence. Every bone crunching glory kill and gore filled shoot out is a blast as you get down to some good old school carnage packaged with flashy new modern visuals accompanied by a f*cking fantastic soundtrack.

Thankfully we seem to becoming better accustomed at avoiding real gaming crap outs and I’ve gotten lucky with my picks that I can only recall playing mediocre titles at most. There was the overly ambitious Moon Hunters and Blood Alloy on the indie front, then let's not forget Slain! (actually let’s forget Slain! as quickly as possible). Then in the AAA fields we had another Ghostbusters slapped together and thrown out the door and Homefront: The Revolution provided our mandatory technical failings quota. But while it’s a dead horse that was already shot at the pastures, there’s no way I’m letting Umbrella Corps get off that easily. The multiplayer third person shooter spin off that nobody asked for nor enjoyed, oh and there are zombies there, just incase you forgot this is supposed to be a Resident Evil spin off title. I had forgiven Capcom when they apologized with Resident Evil HD last year, but they just couldn’t help the temptation of another half assed quick cash grab with Umbrella Corps, it’s an achievement when you make Operation Racoon City look good.

Another year another best and worst video games;

but what were you choices?

Drop us a comment on your best and worst video games of 2016.

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