Written by the Morbid Play Staff 30th December 2017

2017 came out swinging with some big hitters so it was obvious that this year’s choices would be abundant for the Morbid Play team. Some big game changers and plenty of revisits to classic genres, so here’s our Best and Worst Video Games of 2017.

Best and Worst of 2017 - Morbid Play

I feel like my Game of the Year would’ve been a whole lot different had I been able to afford a Switch. After all, Breath of the Wild is pretty much everyone under the suns GOTY, and it even won that accolade at the Game Awards. Even without actually owning a Switch myself, a title exclusive to Nintendo’s latest came damn close to making the cut - Fire Emblem Warriors. Now this is a complicated one, because I’m going to be honest, FE:W isn’t really all that good of a game. At launch it was marred horribly by technical issues, and they still affect it to some degree. The frame rate is straight up inexcusable for a game nowadays, especially in co-op, and the game sometimes refuses to spawn enemies - which is frustrating because you pretty much have to get a silly amount of kills on every single stage to unlock the secret characters and best weapons. And yet, playing through it with my flatmate is without a doubt some of the most fun I’ve had this year, and I’ve easily sunk over 100 hours into it without even owning the appropriate console. Very confusing, but I couldn’t in good conscience give it GOTY, especially when it’s only so good because of the perfect storm of my love for the Warriors series, Fire Emblem, and local Co-Op.

Instead, my Game of the Year goes to the latest installment of a long running series close to my heart - Tekken 7. I tried to ignore Tekken 7 for a long time, as I hated the Rage Arts and my main character, Jun, was no longer on the roster (Death can be a little inconvenient). And yet, I still bought it within days of release. I’m incredibly glad I did. The first main entry into the series since 2009, I’m quite glad we’ve went from the 2 character action of Tag Tournament back to the comfortable one-on-one format. I’m still not a fan of the whole Rage Art thing, but it’s hard to deny that Tekken 7 is pretty much perfect as far as fighting games come. With a robust roster with some unexpected additions (it’s now possible to have a Street Fighter character squaring off against a King of Fighters character. In Tekken!), Guilty Gear has finally had its crown wrestled from it. The King of Iron Fist is back, Long Live the King! (Until Soul Calibur 6 comes out, at least!).

Marvel Vs Capcom: Infinite PC Review - Morbid Play

My worst Game of the Year is a really disappointing one for me, especially since it’s not even a bad game. It’s more just the game that I can’t really justify anyone buying it at all right now. Obviously, Fighting Games live and die from having a strong community. Marvel vs Capcom Infinite had a lot of potential. It’s pretty fun, and even had promise of support after launch via additional characters. At the time of writing, there's around 100 people playing MvC:I - and that's when the newest DLC characters have recently released. Out of those 100, what percentage are going to be around the same skill level as the average player, with a good connection and willing to play more than a few games? Perhaps it's harsh to give out Worst Game of the Year for simply having a small community, but the value proposition for buying MvC:I is not a strong one when it’s going to be hard to even find people to play it with.



Persona 5 PS4 Review -  Morbid PlayI think it’s safe to say 2017 has been one of the best years for video games in a long time. We were introduced to a new console in the form of the Nintendo Switch which has revitalised Nintendo's home console legacy after the disappointment of the Wii U. With it came some of this years biggest games, those being Mario Odyssey and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. The new Mario really managed to capture that old school Nintendo heart that I’ve felt has been missing from his newer adventures in the last few years and Breath of the Wild flipped the Zelda series on its head and moved it to an open world while also bucking the trends that this genre has garnered. It’s a fantastic game but as a Zelda fan it wasn’t what I wanted from a new Zelda game.

Looking away from Nintendo there were plenty of other worthy titles to keep us entertained. Resident Evil VII came very close to being my pick for game of the year, I’ve played it through multiple times and it still manages to put me on edge and oozes with atmosphere. It’d be doing it a dis-service to not mention Playerunknown's Battleground, a game that wasn’t even finished has become one of the biggest multiplayer phenomenons we’ve had in awhile. My biggest surprise of the year came in the form of a free game on Steam by the name of Doki Doki Literature Club, I’m not going to say much on this one but do yourself a favour and give it a play, you won’t be disappointed.

My personal pick for Game of the Year though is the game I’d waited years for, Persona 5. It re ignited that JRPG spark that had been neglected for so long and more than lived up to my personal hype, if you want to see my thoughts in more detail check out my review on it.

Now picking the years biggest disappointment is a much harder task but I think I’m just going to go for the low hanging fruit of Star Wars Battlefront 2. The amount of backlash this game rightfully received for its manipulative loot box system is frankly astounding and really shows that people are done with this kind of thing. The campaign is a soulless joke and the multiplayer doesn’t even do much to innovate, it’s just a very pretty cash grab to sucker fans into lining some pockets.  


A Hat in Time PC Review - Morbid Play2017 has certainly been a challenging year to choose which title to slap on my GOTY approved sticker, not due to the lack of good titles, as there’s been plenty. No it’s been difficult to decide which game really shone above the rest, especially given so many of my nichés have been filled by them. Resident Evil VII was a pleasant surprise for the series and delivered a solid survival horror experience that I’d been yearning for a while. Days passed me by as I explored every nook and cranny before finally saving Zelda in Breath of the Wild. A fitting send off to the Wii U as it manages to chuck the baton to the Switch before face planting the symbolic racetrack one must declare. Persona 5 filled the JRPG niché I’d been craving and jee whizz we got not one but two excellent 3D platformers in the form of the Crash Bandicoot: N.Sane Trilogy (despite almost costing me a controller) and a title reminiscent of the days of ye old N64. That other platformer was of course Yooka-Lay- hahaha...I’m sorry I just, hahahaha, cracks me up every time ahem.

No my Game of the Year for 2017 might not be the greatest platformer ever, but no other platformer has made me feel the same as humble little kickstarter child, A Hat in Time (well there was also Super Mario Odyssey but I haven’t properly played it). Sure it’s not the prettiest and is nowhere near perfection, but from the fantastic soundtrack to the simple but satisfying platforming gameplay, A Hat in Time was morphine in video game form for me. Some games have you mowing down alien scum, some have you saving loved ones from zombie hillbilly mansions. A Hat in Time on the other hand, is one special little title that hits the breaks and lets you take in the sights and just have fun, like a video game should.

Yooka-Laylee PS4 Review - Morbid Play

Thankfully choice for worst game of the year has been gracefully limited to but a small few titles; I could be facetious and say PUBG or could kick the dead horse that is Mass Effect:Andromeda, or take Shadow of War out to the firing squad for microtransactions and bland repetition. If the jab in my choice for best game didn’t give you a hint, I feel it’s my duty to parade Yooka-Laylee through the streets in shame. As if siblings separated at birth, much like A Hat in Time, Yooka-Laylee was another kickstarter child destined for glory with ex-Rareware devs on the job promising a true successor to the bird and bear of old. What could go wrong we said where Mighty Number 9 reared its head for a moment and we repressed those thoughts; while nowhere the disaster of Inafune’s project, Yooka-Laylee was an absolutely substandard bland and baseline experience. It almost makes it worse that it wasn’t a complete disaster, a mess you could get outraged at, a mediocre title just sits there till you forget you left it on the shelf or throw it in the bin never to be played again.

Another year another best and worst video games;

but what were you choices?

Drop us a comment on your best and worst video games of 2017.

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