Written by Whistler 15th June 2015

Oh my, so E3 big hitters has kicked off with Bethesda at the helm and I must say. While I tend not to really pay attention to these goliath conferences so as to avoid as much unnecessary nose blood loss as possible I can’t help but be swept up in this one.

Whilst Bethesda’s conference has just ended at the time of me writing this (I think, I just woke up and everything’s a blur at the moment) and we haven’t even gotten to Microsoft, Nintendo or Square Enix unveilings I figured it’s time to start giving you guys the lowdown of this year’s E3.

Of course bear in mind these are not full reviews and are purely my first conjured thoughts from the trailers.

Doom 4

Let’s start with the return to the Beethoven of first person shooter’s, Doom 4.
The video as we see here starts with our protagonist donning his space age helmet, cocking his shotgun and the fun begins.

Doom 4’s visuals have certainly stemmed more from Doom 3’s aesthetics as opposed to the older titles but this time around has plenty of bright lighting.

They admittedly don’t scream next gen ultra-graphics but still look great with silky smooth animations and fantastic textures.

Now the gameplay on the other hand still strikes an odd chord with myself, it’s not instantaneously sending me into adrenaline fits of fanboyism. Instead more like listening to a bass line in a new track I start to slightly rock my head back and forth. Doom 4’s gameplay is of course an fps, but it hits somewhere in the middle of its predecessors, D4 is neither a slow paced closet horror shooter nor a fast paced a full throttle shootathon. It’s certainly fast paced as the player quickly side steps his alien demonic foes to fill their heads with lead and gunpowder but it’s still a little sluggish. While I hate to give the halo fanboys points my best comparison does feel akin to Halo 3.

Now while the pacing has me luke warm, the graphic violence does have my full attention. While I will say the arsenal range is as vanilla as it gets what with a shotgun, double barrel shotgun, plasma rifle etc, it seems id software have taken a page from Sergeant_Mark_IV’s visceral Brutal Doom mod.

When enemies get low the player is capable of far more than simple take down moves, instead gets to revel in glee to physically ripping their skulls apart, stomping them to gibs, tearing out hearts and making sweet sweet chainsaw love that never gets old in my eyes.

Simply put the ultra-violence has been cranked up to give that old school Doom feel with improved visuals, and while I feel Doom 4 won’t be the highlight of 2016 with a release date of Q2/Q3 sometime next year; it’ll certainly be one to enjoy.

Dishonored 2

When Dishonored came out back in 2012 it was met with met with mixed reactions, I myself wasn’t blown away by the title but did feverishly play it start to finish and loved the take on the stealth genre.

The trailer of course doesn’t show much but does give us an insight into the sequel’s premise. In what seems like a new local, the people are once again oppressed by the military and the rich. To stop this we have our old boy Corvo and a now grown up Emily, of whom both wield separate sets of abilities and weaponry according to the developers at the conference.

I’ll admit I’m actually kind of disappointed with the trailer however that’s more down to when you compare it to Doom 4 and Fallout 4’s footage it barely shows anything.

Fallout 4

Of course people are still going through mass hysteria from the pre E3 unveiling of Bethesda’s iconic Fallout 4 and now my facebook wall is about to be flooded again.

Let’s start off with the character creation, that thing you spend your first five hours in. The character creation seems improved a fair amount from the previous iterations as well as Skyrim’s creation with no sliders instead you mould your character’s face purely from playing with their face.

I’ll say from the pre E3 trailer I wasn’t overly impressed from the visuals but given a look at the gameplay footage they still look great.
Of course it looks like they’re going for performance over visuals which I for one am grateful for until I get my GPU a much needed upgrade.

The world looks mightily impressive as one has come to expect with a variety of environmental spectacles shown off. We were only shown a brief look at the basics of the gameplay but everything seems accounted for with both first person and third person camera views, plenty of dialogue options along with the true and tested combat.

Actually I tell a lie, there were two things we were shown that really show off something new Fallout 4 is bringing to the table.

One of the biggest changes shown off for Fallout 4 is a different kind of creation system, one you would usually see in something like Minecraft.
That’s right, Fallout 4 features a fully functional and easy to use base building mechanic that is completely dynamic. With various locales to choose from you can build your settlements from the big enviroments to the smallest of details are buildable to your liking.

Along with this you are capable of forging and customizing every weapon and weapon accessory right down to the screws, which now makes looting everything even more engaging. Hey you can even customize your very own power armour.

There’s also a dog of course, who can be given contextual commands on the fly from attacking, examining objects and grabbing loot for you.

There was also a life sized pip boy announced for the special edition that offers a real time inventory interface for your wrist while playing.
While not Fallout 4, Bethesda have shown off their f2p Fallout Shelter a simulation game in the same lines of This War of Mine/FTL that sees you oversee you’re very own vault. It certainly looks fun to play and is actually a mobile game I myself would consider playing.
Now for you Fallout fans interested, you’ll be pleased to know that at least the apple version will launch em, well later today.

The biggest surprise for me though is that the footage seems very complete, and well, it is, as Fallout 4’s release date (unlike Doom 4 and Dishonored 2) is shockingly soon with a confirmed 10/11/15, even earlier than my optimistic late December/early Janurary prediction.

Wrap up

Bethesda also showed off other titles, like Elder Scrolls: Legends, a f2p trading card game, Battlecry and other stuff but I felt the first three were the ones to look out for this conference.

I wasn’t really hyped for Fallout 4 or even Doom 4, but I certainly look forward to playing Bethesda’s upcoming catalogue of titles.

Let us know what you thought of Bethesda’s showing and be sure to check back for my thoughts on Square Enix and Nintendo’s later.

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