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Sony had a pretty exceptional conference. They announced a lot of stuff that people have been anticipating for years. The Final Fantasy 7 Remake, Shenmue 3 and The Last Guardian – These are all games that most people had given up hope for, but Sony announced all 3. While Nintendo is usually the conference I look forward to the most at E3, I didn't really know how Nintendo could possibly top that! So let's see what they have in store to match up to Sony

Star Fox Zero: Wii U

Hinted at by Miyamoto beforehand, Star Fox Zero has finally been announced. It looks like a true follow-up to Star Fox 64, as fans have been asking for. No Dinosaur Planet, no ground combat or fanfic-esque endings! Miyamoto even gave us some insight into the original design of Star Fox. He's probably revealed this in an interview before, but I'd never seen it before.

The implementation of the Wii U gamepad is particularly interesting. The original concept was for one screen to show a cinematic view of the action, while another would show the standard-style gameplay. Instead, Nintendo have opted to use the main TV screen for a third person view, while the gamepad is used for first person. The gamepad is intended to be used for fine aiming, and is controlled through the Gyros in the gamepad.
4 vehicles are included in the game – the Arwing, the Landmaster, a new vehicle called the Gyro Wing (which appears to be a VTOL aircraft) and returning from the unreleased Star Fox 2, the Walker. Miyamoto seemed particularly excited to reintroduce this feature from Star Fox 2, which was abandoned in spite of its almost entirely complete state. The vehicles should add some replayability to the stages.
This is an announcement that most would have been expecting, but its awesome none-the-less.

Skylanders and Amiibos

Skylanders will be receiving some exclusive characters in the new game, which will also feature vehicles. Donkey Kong and Bowser will both be playable, with newly designed vehicles and some new abilities designed for the game. Nintendo really wanted Vicarious Visions to do their own thing with the characters. Furthermore, the figures of these characters will act as both Skylanders figures and Amiibos. Given the obvious comparison between the two, this is an interesting step. I'm not a Skylanders player myself, but even so the idea of playing as a new version of Bowser (one of my favourite Nintendo Characters!) is quite appealing to me!

Tri Force Heroes and Hyrule Warriors: 3DS

In the same vein as Four Swords, Nintendo have announced a new 3DS Legend of Zelda game. This time only 3 people can play at a time, which may be seen as a downgrade to some. However, this was to accommodate a new co-operative move, the Totem. This involves climbing on top of your friends to solve puzzles and fight monsters. Zelda is well known for utilizing its new mechanics to their utmost potential (like A Link Between Worlds mechanic of going into walls), so I fully expect this to be an awesome mechanic. Costumes can be used to give you special abilities, like massive bombs or new sword moves. This game is also intended to be a purely co-operative game. Rather than fighting over Rupees, you'll instead be focusing on helping eachother with the various puzzles that'll be thrown your way.

The 3DS version of Hyrule Warriors has been shown to have some new characters from Wind Waker, Tetra and The King of Red Lions. They've also said there will be some new stages, and every single DLC character from the Wii U version will also be available.

Metroid Prime, Animal Crossing, ATLUS and Mario Paper Jam 3DS

This is unfortunately where we take a negative turn in my opinion. Metroid Prime Federation Force will be a 3DS shooter. I really don't like handheld FPS games, so I'm already tuned out by that point. Federation Force will be a 4 Player Co Op game, with a 3v3 vs gamemode also included. More modes may be available for the PvP, but currently the only one shown is a football gamemode. The game looks very cartoony and light-hearted This is such a massive departure from the dark, isolated atmosphere of Metroid Prime, which happens to be one of my favourite games ever. I'm really disappointed with this one, and I really hope it's not the only plans Nintendo have for Metroid.

Atlus are making a new game, but I can't really tell too much about it. Oddly, a lot of characters share names with Fire Emblem characters, and even similar designs – but not entirely similar. For example, the character named Chrom has the standard Lord-blue hair. However, he looks like a typical mysterious bad guy. The game also seems to involve a lot of dancing and a large extent of fan service. Not quite sure what to say on this one... (Edit: Later discovered this is apparently Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem. I probably would've known that if I'd been familiar with SMT characters. Shaping up strange so far, but that's Atlus for you!)

A new Animal Crossing game was also announced, where you've moved from the Mayor of a town to an Estate Agent. Your goal is to make a home for your residents that will make them as happy as possible! Also announced was a Mario Party-esque game based on Animal Crossing. Amiibos seem to be extremely central to it, but other than that not much is clear about the gameplay other than the boardgame gameplay.

I like Paper Mario, but not Superstar Saga. A couple of my friends, meanwhile, are the other way around. So Nintendo have decided hey, why not appease the fans of both series by doing a crossover? And so, introducing Mario and Luigi Paper Jam! Gameplay appears to be leaning more of the Superstar Saga side of things, but hey, this is probably the most likely chance we have of Geno ever appearing in a game again. If we can have a crossover with two Mario RPGs, why not the one that started it all off? Although perhaps that's overly wishful thinking!

Mario Tennis Ultra Smash and Mario Maker insights: Wii U

I've not mentioned a few games, for lack of information and much to say about them. In summary of those gone unmentioned: We got a CG trailer for Fire Emblem Fates and a new Xenoblade Chronicles trailer, Yoshi's Woolly World is still looking absolutely amazing and we got a little bit more insight into Super Mario Maker.

Wrap up

Overall, I don't think Nintendo have quite beat Sony. Perhaps it's just because I'm comparing them to Sony (who are really hard to top right now), but the Nintendo Press Conference was actually kinda boring for me. The highlight for me was probably Woolly World,a game we already knew about and were not given much new information about. Metroid put me on a real downer, it's one of the more disappointing things I've seen from Nintendo lately, who I thought after last years E3 were really getting back into their stride. Oh well, perhaps at another convention, or next year, we'll get some info on the new Zelda Wii U game, or a Metroid game that's actually Metroid...

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