Written by the Morbid Play Staff 29th November 2016

One thing that’s certain for fans of the Final Fantasy franchise is that one fan’s greatest is likely another’s worst, but we can be sure that we all love Final Fantasy for one reason or the other (some of you just don’t realize it yet). So here’s the Morbid Play staff’s personal picks for Best and Worst of Final Fantasy.

Final Fantasy Month has made me really consider what Final Fantasy games I actually like, and especially which is my favourite. I was tempted to say Final Fantasy 4, since it’s the one that I’ve actually played through the most times. However, having looked at things a tad more critically, I’ve realized that the most fun I’ve had in a Final Fantasy game in the past few years was with Final Fantasy 8. FF8 has the best ratio of characters I like to dislike for me - There’s very few I dislike in it, in fact. While the plot can be convoluted at times, especially when time travel comes into things, I feel like it has one of the more believable love stories in Final Fantasy. Rinoa doesn’t immediately fall for Squall like most other FF girls, as if being the protagonist just gives you woman magnet powers. Instead, she slowly realizes she cares for him throughout their journey. I initially hated it, but the Junction System adds an element I really enjoy of optimisation and planning as well. Once you understand how it works, it’s incredibly easy to find some very powerful setups with it.

Choosing a Worst was equally hard. I have some controversial opinions on FF games at times - it’s not the case any more, but I used to HATE Final Fantasy 6! (I still think it’s quite flawed, but not enough to detract from the fun!). It’d be easy to say Final Fantasy 2’s obnoxious levelling up system would put it squarely at the bottom of the list, but in reality, no FF game quite dissatisfied me like Final Fantasy 3. I played Final Fantasy 3 AFTER 5, expecting a similar experience that I’d enjoy just as much. As you may know if you read my article on the Job System, that’s certainly not the case. Reliance on grinding and having certain roles at certain times removes the flexibility and creativity that I enjoy from the Job System so much. It’s a damn shame. I was really looking forward to playing FF3, but it left me just wanting to go back and play FF5 instead.



I was a bit of a late boarder for the Final Fantasy hype train, my first exposure to the series was through Kingdom Hearts on the PS2 but my first actual Final Fantasy was X. 12 year old me wasn’t sure what to expect but I am happy to say I was blown away by the world of Spira. The intro scene where Zanarkand is attacked by Sin during an epic Blitzball match is one of my all time favorite game openings. Having Tidus as a fish out of water character really helped the player bond with him as we discovered the strange new world together. The amazing cast of characters you meet along the way all bring their own experiences and personalities that help shape the story as well.

Yuna is one of my all time favourite Final Fantasy girls, her scene where she performs the sending ritual is ingrained in my mind and moved me in a way that few games have managed. Her romance with Tidus also felt so natural and real, bringing a ton of emotional depth to the games conclusion. It also has the most refined turn-based battle system across the whole series. If I had to recommend a game to a newcomer to the series it would definitely be Final Fantasy X.

If there was one Final Fantasy game I really had to force myself to play it would be Final Fantasy XIII. While it was certainly a beautiful game with a great soundtrack it had way too many issues working against it. Most of the characters are too wooden, especially the protagonist Lightning, while others are insufferably irritating like the whiny angst driven Hope. The story had great potential but it just went downhill as the game progressed. There is also the big issue of the first half of the game being one big, pretty corridor to lead you to the next drawn out cutscene. I have tried multiple times to play through it but Final Fantasy XIII just doesn’t grab me like others in the series have.


It’s a lifelong question I will continue to ask myself and through the years has changed back and forth. I’ve found aspects to love in most of the franchise whether for gameplay, combat mechanics, characters and of course the stories therein. FFX with its awe inspiring cutscenes and such raw emotion delivered by the cast. Hell I’ve always felt like FF Tactics gets nowhere near as much praise as it deserves for practically perfecting the Job System.

But for me, I owe my love and enjoyment of the franchise to the seventh entry in the mainline series. VII’s blend of modern and magical setting that saw science live in both harmony and chaos with the spiritual was a world I love to pieces. I full heartedly liked most if not all of Tetsuya Nomura’s main cast. From the giant sword wielding Cloud Strife (whose spikey hair likely inspired my choosing of hairstyle) to the kind hearted Aerith and of course the infamous and yet tragic antagonist, Sephiroth. It’s one of the few entries in the franchise that I naturally and willingly explored all there was to explore, even the Chocobo Breeding and vanquishing the legendary Ruby and Emerald Weapons.

Sadly in exploring the legacy that is Final Fantasy I remembered far too many I disliked, loathed or even downright despised. There’s the throwaway FFX-2 (which I will full heartedly say I still enjoyed), FFIII’s flawed Job System and I still loathe to remember Mystic Quest.

I find myself at constant odds with FFXII. I’ll commend it for it’s large open world and environments, but then I remember just how un-invested I was in the story. I could harp on about FFXIII’s dumbing down of gameplay, outright garbage characters and plot. I even forced myself all the way through till half of the last disc attempting to find the good in it, (I couldn’t, but I tried). But I don’t just stop at XIII, I hate the entirety of the XIII series, out of all the main numbered series to receive, not one, but two sequels, XIII did NOT deserve either. Neither XIII-2 nor Lightning Returns save the disaster that was XIII and only serve to further pour salt in the wound when you remember that XIII Versus (now titled XV) was delayed because of them.

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