Written by Whistler 5th December 2014

Well someone got too excited too quickly, and for once it wasn’t myself.

With Playstation Experience set to begin later this weekend it seems Capcom pushed out their surprise a little earlier than planned revealing (no not a Mega Man title) none other than the next instalment to it’s juggernaut fighting franchise, Street Fighter V.

The teaser shown bellow was taken down from it’s original source as well as Youtube, for once though a teaser hasn’t just annoyed me, instead having an inspirational documentary like theme showing live footage of Street Fighter Tournaments, showing artists working on the game and just generally how Street Fighter has seeped into various parts of gaming culture.


Street Fighter 5 - Teaser by VersusFightingTV

The teaser does have the occasional actual gameplay shots of the game (which we kindly provided here so you don’t need to keep searching through the video), from what we can see is what is to be expected with Capcom sticking to the SFIV visual aesthetics while gaining an overall slight visual upgrade with visual effects more akin to the opening cutscenes from IV.

Needless to say though the big thing everyone’s jumping at is the particular line up of words around the 1:20 mark, yup, “Exclusively on PS4 and PC”. Whether or not this is a timed exclusive or Sony have made the move on grabbing up the iconic fighter in this gen’s console war seeing as the fighter genre has been pretty much entrenched into the console scene.

Of course at this point everything is purely speculation and I myself am betting on the timed exclusive angle and beyond the couple of seconds of actual gameplay we still have largely no idea on how different this instalment will be, but hey at least we got a teaser with actual shots of the game unlike most teasers.

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