Written by Bad Demoman 29th December 2015

Fallout 4 PC Review - Morbid Play

Best RPG – Fallout 4

A lot of people seemed to disagree with Fallout 4. The common complaints I see are with the levelling system, which allows less strategic diversity. I mostly noticed this in the lack of speech challenges requiring things other than Speech – being scientifically minded can help solve some ones technical problems, for example. While I'll agree with this, Fallout 4 has outdone itself in almost every other aspect, improving combat, gun variety via mods (The customizing weapons kind, not the firing babies from the Fat Man kind!) and characters. While still a bit shaky at times, the improved voice acting and facial expression has led to a much more believable experience. It's easier than ever to immerse yourself in a post apocalyptic wasteland.

Rivals of Aether Preview - Morbid Play

Best Fighter – Rivals Of Aether

It's rare for Smash players to find a new home, and this ones especially appreciated with the close down of Project M, the popular Smash Bros Brawl mod. While balance issues are everywhere and the net code leaves a lot to be desired, I'd imagine these will improve with time due to the games nature as an Early Access title. The devs have shown a smart and innovative approach to balance, not over nerfing when a character feels strong and making them unplayable but rather taking a slow, methodical approach. The actual fundamentals of Rivals are excellent. Rivals manages to have tech skill such as wave dashing and dash dancing, like Melee does, but is more comparable to Smash 4 in terms of entry difficult.



Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Review - Morbid Play

Best Action – Metal Gear Solid V

I've had my grievances with MGS5. Sometimes I hate it, sometimes I love it. The story is a real stickler for me, as towards the end it just gets bogged down and full of really silly plot points, even for a Metal Gear game. Then I remember how much I loved my time with it, before I got so frustrated with the M. Night Shyamalan-tier plot twists. Metal Gear Solid 5 is the best stealth game I've played since Metal Gear Solid 3 – and considering I think MGS3 is both the best stealth game ever and one of the best games ever, that's pretty high praise.

Best Indie – Undertale

Undertale was always going to be on this list, it was just a matter of where? Even for an indie, it would have easily beaten out my choices for Best RPG and Best Singleplayer. It even snagged my Game of the Year, above all the hotly anticipated Triple-A sequels this year. Undertale is a game that you really need to experience, especially if you happen to be a fan of the MOTHER series, and at £7 it's hard to say no to. There's an old cliché that gets used in taglines and such – ''You'll Laugh, You'll Cry, etc.''. Never has the phrase been so true for any game as Undertale, which genuinely made me do both at the same time.


Super Galaxy Squadron Review -  Morbid Play

Best Soundtrack – Super Galaxy Squadron

Now I might be a little bit biased here considering the soundtrack was composed by my favourite band ever, Random Encounter, but this soundtrack is genuinely fantastic. RE broke away from their usual video game covers and the occasional original piece to bring us some arcade Sci-Fi awesomeness – with an accordion! The soundtrack is unique and builds up hype fantastically. The boss fight theme in particular really gets you pumped up for an epic fight!

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Review - Morbid Play

Best Multiplayer – Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

Monster Hunter did a lot to improve its singleplayer experience, with an expanded storyline, some genuinely likeable characters and the ability to receive quests from NPCs. It's still essentially a made for multiplayer game though, and nothing beats some epic hunts with a couple of friends. Even if you're lacking in people nearby, you can now take MH4U online! With the biggest roster outside of Monster Hunter Frontier, the Asia-only MMO, MH4U will keep you and your friends busy for a long time to come.

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