Written by Whistler 26th December 2015

Well almost the end of another gaming year, but as I was putting together my shortlist for Morbid Play’s 3rd Best and Worst article and I kept wanting to pick certain titles based on different attributes. Some games have had amazing stories, plenty of epic moments, fantastic gameplay or just brought something really special to the table. In light of this I felt some games I got to experience this year most certainly deserved another mention and here they are.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Review - Morbid Play

Best RPG - The Witcher 3

When CD Projekt Red’s third iteration in the Witcher series came out I honestly wasn’t sure what to expect, despite having a massive following I wasn’t overly fond of its predecessors. Thankfully Wild Hunt easily excelled expectations with glorious visuals, varied gameplay and probably some of the best story telling I’ve seen in a long time. There were so many powerful moments to be experienced throughout Witcher’s gargantuan world whether it be the famous Bloody Baron’s questline, Prescilla’s heartfelt song that played in the tavern or when you calculate then execute that perfect hunt the game completely enveloped me. Needless to say if you’re looking for a large open world RPG then this is definitely one to have in your library (if you don’t already you mad person).

Guilty Gear Xrd -Sign- Review - Morbid Play

Best Fighter - Guilty Gear Xrd

To think I’d actually find not one but two beat em’ ups that I actually enjoyed and cared to actually practice. Earlier this year my choice would have easily been Rivals of Aether however that’s not finished yet so I’ll keep that for next year. In all seriousness then Arc System remembered PC gaming existed and I got my chance to review the revitalized Guilty Gear Xrd. While my thumb had to go to intensive care after my first sitting I could not stop playing the heavy adrenaline fuelled fighter nor could I stop listening to its heavy metal soundtrack. While I’ll admit it’s had me grinding my teeth (screw you Bedman) GG was still enjoyable enough for me to dive straight back in and boy did I enjoy diving back into the arena. Crank the volume to max and get ready to have a blast.



Killing Floor 2 Early Review - Morbid Play

Best FPS - Killing Floor 2

Tripwire Interactive’s ever anticipated sequel, Killing Floor 2 still has me giggling like a 4 year old. Absolutely brutal carnal imagery sprawls across my screen while I tear seemingly endless hordes of Zeds to shreds just has me grinning everytime. Simply put what do you get when you take Killing Floor, an already kick ass multiplayer shooter, then add more zeds, more guns and bring the visuals to next gen, you get Killing Floor 2 obviously (and it’s not even finished yet). Seriously buy now, okay thanks.

Assault Android Cactus Review - Morbid Play

Best Indie - Assault Android Cactus

There’s been some brilliant indie titles this year, but out of all of them there’s just something special about Aussie dev Witch Beam’s Assault Android Catcus. I’ve poured so many hours into upping my scores on each level just to watch that little circle fill around my rank hoping for an S+. AAC has probably some of the best twin stick shooter gameplay on offer coupled with great personality and a variety of characters to keep you playing. Hell my only fault for this game is a lack of online multiplayer, but honestly the local is just fun as hell and who doesn’t enjoy watching chibi like android girls go on a mass robot murdering spree?


Resident Evil HD Remaster Review - Morbid Play

Best Horror - Resident Evil HD REmake

While I’ll admit I haven’t looked at many horror games this year as I’m still trying to avoid the FNAF clone invasion but titles like SOMA actually gave us some solid storytelling and great suspense building. But then I remembered Capcom were most successful in getting me to give up my wallet so willingly for the re master of the remake. Yup Resident Evil HD REmake came out early this year but by god did it make an impact on me. Good ol’ Resident Evil was back, with the door loading screens, actually terrifying zombies, fantastic backdrops and true survival horror gameplay. REmake HD helped me to forget all that happened to my beloved zombie franchise and gave me some happy spooky times, now on PC.

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Review - Morbid Play

Best Single Player - Metal Gear Solid V
What I love in a single player game is game that just doesn’t let go, with plenty of gameplay and content that doesn’t feel like needlessly padded side filler. Now while there were more side missions for my liking I still loved every single second of the 100+ hours I sunk into Big Bosses’ adventure of revenge. Masterfully done visuals that run like silk on my PC, I honestly had problems stopping myself playing this one with it’s fantastic gameplay. Despite adding so much to the formula MGSV The Phantom Pain still retains what makes MGS games so great with stealth at it’s core. that allowed me to play how I want to play. Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain is an excellent send off for Hideo Kojima’s swan song and one I’ll be sure to still be playing in 2016.

Best Multiplayer - Destiny: The Taken King

Now I’ll freely admit I loathed Destiny when it came out, the endless grinding and lack of the originally written story just really put me off ever diving into Bungie’s MMO-esque FPS.

However this year I finally decided to invest in one of the gaming consoles and jumped in with some friends to regret leaving it this long. Sure it’s still grindy but Destiny: The Taken King has filled that void for a first person shooter that I’ve been having ever since Borderlands opened me up to the concept of the hybrid genre. It’s got some solid shooting action combined with just enough RPG elements to keep me vested in improving my character.

Thanks to the MMO elements Destiny really makes Co Op shine through as you battle seemingly impossible odds and take the fight to the Taken King.

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