Title: A Story About My Uncle
Platform: Steam, PC

Reviewed on: Windows
Genre: Adventure, Platformer, Puzzle
Players: Single player

Written by Whistler 10th June 2014

Starting off as a prototype back in 2012, A Story about my Uncle developed by Gone North Games and published by Coffee Stains Studios known for the Sanctum series, is an adventure title focusing on platforming that tells the tale of a father retelling his daughter the story of his uncle Fred when he was a young lad.

A Story About My Uncle is home to an absorbing story of fairy tale magical wonder full of floating cities, flying ships and frog-like people. In fact the entire game’s story and atmosphere feels like it was plucked from something right out of those animated film classics like BFG, FernGully or The Land Before Time and conjures much the same feelings from those times you were a child listening to a bedtime story which is rightly so given the games narrative is mostly told through the father playing narrator.

One day when visiting the narrator finds his uncle missing and in his stead stumbles upon a power suit much like Fred’s but is perfectly sized for himself along with his uncle’s latest inventions which doubles as a teleportation device and the game’s ignition key coincidently. Upon landing in a lush green alien landscape the narrator begins making his way through the mysterious world in hopes of finding Fred and the journey begins.

By the time you get through the thankfully not in your face tutorial you’ll pick up the majority of your power suit utilities with a charge based super jump, energy beam acting as a grappling hook that has limited uses while in the air which can be used in conjunction with a pair of rocket boots you pick up later.

While gameplay is fairly simple with no combat that focuses primarily on learning certain platform combinations and timings then utilizing them in different ways depending on the type of assault course puzzles you come across to progress, it is incredibly fun and fast paced that combines both the exhilaration of Mirror’s Edge with the thoughtful processing of Portal (with simpler puzzle solving of course). Where the game adds upon the parkour of Mirror’s Edge and others is where the object is A to B and you have to either run then grab onto something in order to progress, often the game will have you making great leaps of faith where just as things look bleak you will notice maybe a floating rock at the corner of your eye where a well-placed grapple can throw you to safety which really enriches the experience.

Adding to the whole experience are ASAMU’s visuals; they’re stunning to say the least.

Combining a great use of lighting effects with huge scale environments from the lush green scapes, to mountain sides, sunset kissed sky cities and dark caves create a visual candy overload where if you’re anything like me, you’ll most likely spend just as much time taking screenshots as you will playing the game. While sadly character models are a little underwhelming compared to the environments and animations are a bit on the robotic side at times they barely make a dent in my impressions of the visual experience on offer here which contains some serious jaw dropping sights where you will often find yourself standing in awe or freely wondering off at your own whim.

Which is a good thing as the game promotes exploration, often walking (or grappling) your way off the beaten path will yield not so much extra abilities or anything of that sort, but extra story pieces or collectibles like finding some of Fred’s left behind equipment like a telescope, some camping equipment or a lipstick signed post-it note or some mysterious structures left behind by the world’s inhabitants which will triggers the narrators tales to his daughter revealing more about himself, the world and his uncle.

Sadly the game is only a couple hours long and probably takes roughly 6-7 hours to achieve a 100% completion A Story About My Uncle is a golden unique experience that is certainly worth a try where adventure fantasy leaps from chapter to chapter with unique platforming in hand and feels to be had.
With a compelling story, graphically awe inspiring visual landscapes, easy to learn controls with fun exhilarating gameplay A Story About My uncle is a must for those who enjoy a game with a thoughtful game that’s had a lot of heart put into it and who can enjoy some splendid platforming elements.



Beautifully crafted landscapes,

Brilliant use of lightening,

Enjoyable platforming,

Simple yet challenging puzzle solving.


Somewhat dated models and animations,

Criminally short,

Little to no danger or punishment.

Final verdict ,

A Story About My Uncle tells a tale of game that gets a 8 out of 10.

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