Title: Batman Vs Superman - Dawn of Justice

Platform: Film
Genre: Action
Directed by: Zack Snyder
Starring: Ben Affleck, Henry Cavill, Amy Adams
Rating: PG 13
Length: 2h 31min

Written by Dragoon 29th March 2016

If God walked among us, would we live in fear that he would one day smite us down? Would this fear lead us to trying and destroy that God, even if he has shown no malicious intent? These are the questions asked in Batman Vs Superman and the main catalyst for the animosity between the two titular characters. These two titans of the DC universe squaring off should be a battle for the ages but did director Zack Snyder manage to deliver a championship battle or did it just end up as more of a playground scrap?

Set two years after the events of Man of Steel Batman Vs Superman shows us a vengeful Dark Knight, portrayed by Ben Affleck who is trying to find a way to bring down Superman with Henry Cavill reprising his role from Man of Steel. Batman feels that Superman is a danger to the world after the destruction caused by the battle against General Zod in Man of Steel and tries to take him out. After a series of events the two end up in a battle to the death but the path to the title fight is a slow and meandering one. We are lead to the battle by a string of strange and quite frankly boring scenes that bring little to the overall story. The worst offenders are the assortments of dream sequences, these are poorly executed and honestly confusing, popping up at random times and with little explanation.

The film focuses too much on the heroes everyday identities, Clark Kent and Bruce Wayne and it constantly flits between the two as they go about their lives with little purpose and nothing linking them together until later on in the film. While Ben Affleck delivered a great performance as Batman/Bruce Wayne, Cavills portrayal of Superman/Clark Kent felt as lacking as it did in Man of Steel. He just couldn't bring any life to the role and the movie suffered for it, what makes Superman great in the comics is that while he has these almost godlike powers he also has a human side to him, Cavill just felt robotic and bland. While I didn't much care for the way Superman's arch-nemesis Lex Luthor was written I have to give props to Jessie Eissenbergs portrayal, he managed to make Luthor feel slimy and conniving which helped bolster the film in the later half.

When Batman Vs Superman let the heroes do their thing it did a fantastic job of it which gives me hope for an inevitable sequel. Batman struck fear into the hearts of his enemies as he should, albeit in a darker and more twisted way than in the comics especially since the writers seem to have abandoned his no killing rule which is a little controversial for fans of the Caped Crusader, myself included. One fight scene in particular with Batman fighting a group of thugs in a warehouse really showcased what the Dark Knight is about, it's just a shame how little of that we got to see throughout the film as a whole. Superman delivered on his godlike status defying all logic to save the day but the highlight of the movie is Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman, her big debut did a great job of showing the audience her powers and portrayed her as the badass amazon she's supposed to be. Her civilian scenes were a little disappointing but they were sparse and her performance later on more than made up for it.

The films score was a bit too bombastic, one song in particular which played throughout the film featured a heavy, thudding piano that sounded really odd and didn't fit what was happening on the screen. It wasn't a bad soundtrack but it wasn't all that memorable either. The film featured some interesting shots throughout but when it came to the action scenes there was a little too much going on at times and the pyrotechnics were too over exaggerated, it's a classic issue of quantity over quality. As mentioned earlier the battle choreography was fantastic throughout but again I just wish there had been more of it, the film runs for a butt-numbing two and a half hours and it felt like such a small percentage of that was the actual action we were promised in the title.

Overall while it wasn't a great superhero film, it did what it needed to do, it introduced us to the members of the Justice League and when it actually tried to be a superhero film it did a great job. The story may have been an unstructured, uninteresting mess but it started to pull itself together later on and the action scenes helped to wake up an audience that had definitely been put to sleep. Most of the actors delivered a great performance and hopefully they can carry this on to the next instalment while those who floundered take on board the criticism and work to improve.

Final verdict,
It may not have been the titanic battle we had hoped for but Batman Vs Superman laid the foundation well enough for the series to build on, earning itself a 6/10.

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