Title: Brothers - A tale of Two Sons
Platform: PC, Xbox 360, PS3

Reviewed on: Windows
Genre: Adventure, Action, Puzzle

Players: Single Player

Written by Whistler 24th October 2013

Starbreeze studios is an interesting bunch of developers formed in 1998 as previously as O3 Games, Starbreeze has made some of this gens' notable heavy hitters from the shadows; with Darkness, Payday 2 and even the Syndicate remake under their belts they have made some very good games that have sadly not been all too successful.

Their newest title published by 505 games, Brothers: A tale of Two Sons, a puzzle based adventure game that follows the story of yep you guessed, two brothers, who are set on a quest to retrieve a mystical elixir in order to save their ill father.
In order to get it they will have to go through blizzards, mountain passes, long lost lands and so forth.

Brothers right off the bat is beautiful to look at, textures are smoothed over nicely along with eye candy covered lighting and simplistic yet effective modelling. Some would probably complain about the games lack of detail but it's smoothness and excellent frame rate along with the rest more than make up for it.

The gameplay is heavily puzzled focused be it rather easy to solve in most cases, where the player controls both brothers simultaneously with both analogue sticks and left/right shoulder buttons.
Interestingly the game is for PC yet is a gamepad is mandatory, while it could be argued that the keyboard could easily be mapped to fit the same function I am more than pleased to admit the gamepad fits the job better due to the nature of the controls, (although seriously moving both brothers can be a headache if your not an expert with hand-eye coordination).

Interestingly the story is purely told through character animations and to some degree the background music with the environment.
Animations are simplistic but are full of life and well articulated, both brothers have very different animations that compliment their individual personalities that are amazing to just sit and watch as they interact with the environment, each other and the various NPCs.

Whilst the start of the game might put off some people as it gets off to a slow start like many adventure titles, pursuing further on is well worth it once you reach the 3rd chapter as both brothers start having to sneak their way past various dangers both environmental and otherwise.
From then on the brothers will find themselves in danger time and time again, this is great as much like where the Amnesia series amplified horror elements by making it so you could only outrun the monsters, Brothers amplifies adventure elements as you genuinely get a feeling of scale as both brothers lack any kind of combat skills and thus must use their wits, cunning and courage to outrun, trick and defeat the various monstrosities they will face to save their dad (seriously who sends children with only a map to get a magical elixir, morons is the answer to that rhetorical question).

Sadly some of the greatest moments of the game that would be worth mentioning for this review would spoil so much of the game, all I can say is when playing make sure you can hold all those feels.

I will admit I was rather disheartened to discover the game is a single player only as a two player mode would be easily doable with two controllers only using either side thus controlling the two brothers separately (I swear I seen local co-op on steam before it's release), it doesn't hurt the game too much as the experience is amazing to play and is probably a good game to back seat game too. However it can be said that Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons is criminally short with a mere 7 hours for single playthrough with an added 1-2 extra hours if you go about doing some of the side events, that being said it is a well written story that plays out beautifully as if right out of a J.R.R Tolkien novel that is definitely a tear jerker with heart strings attached.

Considering it's price the game is well worth it for those who like character driven adventures that stands shoulder to shoulder with well made titles such as ICO and Journey.



Animations packed with life,

Good use of scale,

Unique feel,

Beautiful storytelling.


Odd controls for casual gamers,

Rather easy puzzle solving,

Incredibly short play length.

Final verdict ,

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons comes together for a 7.5 out of 10.

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