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Title: CoD Ghosts
Platform: PC, PS3, PS4,

              Xbox360, XboxOne,
       Wii U
Genre: FPShooter, Action,

Players: local 1-4 players,

    Online 1-64 players

Ok A few things up front before I start this thing

 1) I didn't play the multi player (not my thing) so this is based off the single player only

 2) There may be minor spoilers, you have been warned

So I had no intention to play this game and then Whistler asked me to review it as I did the “Black Ops 2” review, so back into the trenches of the Cod franchise I went. You have no idea how amazed I was when I found that this game is really fun. I sat down fully expecting to put it down two levels in, only to find that I played the whole 6 hour campaign through in one play through and loved every minute. Treyach, your going to have to lift your game as Infinity Ward has found their mojo again and are coming out swinging

Once again, clean and smooth graphics with detailed textures

As always with the Cod games The visuals are gorgeous, the sounds fantastic and crisp. The thing that they have done a little different this game is to not have all the guns feel like conventional firearms. Given that the game is set in a “not to distant future” setting the guns all feel just a little off, reloading in odd ways, firing in places they shouldn't (under water, in space)  and doing odd amounts of damage but this isn't necessarily bad and feels like they are finally trying to brake the “modern war shooter” mold.

The story of Ghosts is nothing to special, almost everything predictable from your dad being the ghost leader to the bad guy not being dead but this isn't a bad thing. Unlike “Black Ops 2” who failed to execute on a needlessly complicated plot, “Ghosts” does all it can to make the story (as simple as it is) fun to play though and make sense.

Take how the game introduces the ghosts:

The opening cut-scene is a father telling the tale to his two sons of how the ghosts became legend, this story is a blatant rip-off of the “Battle of Thermopylaebut its changed just enough and told with a very stylish cinematic that you don't hate it and just get into the story. Also this really quickly tells you why the Ghosts are to be respected when they show up in the game as opposed to “Black Ops 2” which tried to tread it all though the game and just failed get you to understand much about the group you were expected to care about.

The game kicks off with the father finishing his story and heading back to town. As you head back to town explosions start happening all around and you have to make a mad dash though it all before your dad can get his car allowing you to flee the devastation. The game then switches to astronauts as they return to their station which we find under attack leading to some crazy zero G gun fights. The astronauts find that the attackers have deployed their orbital weapon which caused the previous destruction. They then sacrifice their lives to take the weapon down to save all those they can. This is how to start a game; its full of action to draw me in and gets all the game set-up out of the way in a fun and engaging way.

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