Title: Chaos Code
Platform: PS3, Arcade

Reviewed on: PS3
Genre: Fighter
Players: Single player, Versus

Written by Whistler 3rd October 2014


Chaos code is a small indie 2D fighting game that I tried on the Ps3.
It is a rather interesting title as it has a lot of grow room in its set up, sadly this means that in its current form it’s not an amazing fighter but the potential is there.

Graphics wise Chaos Code is lovely to look at from the artwork for characters and the moves themselves but in saying that I must state that the actual round by round fighting graphics are a tiny bit lacking compared to other games of the genre like King Of Fighters and Street Fighter.

In regards to the music the sound track though very lovely to listen to and fits Chaos Code very well becomes repetitive and dull very quickly as there is limited music for the game.

I would talk about the story line but besides about 2 lines of text at the start of the mode and some more at the end there isn’t really much of a story to title itself, the basic plot is that a few characters are trying to activate the Chaos Code to bring about anarchy and a few of them are either from a police force or have feuds that mean stopping the activation of the Chaos Code for either personal reasons or it is their orders.

Now onto the important stuff for a fighting game the actual mechanics and game play is where Chaos Code got me interested, when you choose you character from the limited roster you are given the choice of 4 specials that replace the basic moves and give you the ability to mix and match to fit your style of play. This is then followed by the choice to either have a running dash or a hop dash, these choices allow for more options for your game play then once you get in to the game it becomes a standard 2d fighting game with four buttons, with dragon punches and uppercuts.

All the fighters have some kind of gimmick to make their combat more eye catching but it does not take away from the actual game play itself, it just makes it more amusing to watch as your character gets attacked by a giant wok and tossed in to a boiling pot or assaulted by multiple energy footballs in a comedic fashion.

Over all I’d have to say Chaos Code is fun to play and watch with the small jokes and funny supers throughout but and it’s but the game needs to be expanded with a better story line, a larger roster and perhaps even an upgrade to the actual fighting graphics.

At the moment I would buy the game but I don’t think I would play it for long as I don’t see it having much of a learning curve either but it is fun to just sit and have a laugh with your mates with this game.

Amusing moves and combos,
Good introduction into the fighting genre.

Feels a little out of date,

Not really a replayable game unless with friends in which case fun.

Final verdict,

Chaos code gets a 5/10 and I’ll even give it a funny sticker because it made me giggle.

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