Title: Chaos Domain
Platform: Windows, iOS

Reviewed on: Windows
Genre: side-scrolling shooter
Players: Single player, Co Op (2 player Local)

Written by Whistler 14th May 2014

Starting from the humble beginnings by developing titles for iOS, Holy Warp has since then begun to move onto making their titles for the PC audiences on Steam;
along with Speed Kills they released a big screen port of run and gun shooter,
Chaos Domain.

Set on board a giant spacecraft occupied by alien chaos cultists, you play an Anubis-from-the-future-look-alike as you must battle your way through the ship ‘shooting the bad people in the face’ as the synopsis tells you.
Aside from that there is little to no story meaning you get to spend more time shooting (so if you’re expecting a space opera that has you question humanity or something like that, look elsewhere).

Chaos Domain is a simple run and gun shooter that takes from the retro side on gameplay with a modern style drawing a striking resemblance to

side scrollers like the Metal Slug games, Mercenary Kings and more specifically,

the Contra/Probotector series.

Each level is made up of 3 short yet challenging chapters each ending with a boss for the final chapter, within the levels you simply go from left to right leaving behind a path of destruction in your wake while you pick up health packs, weapon drops, bonus points in the form of ankhs and bobbing along to a rather catchy psx era sounding soundtrack.

While the level design is fairly simplistic and enemy ai basically stand around shooting in your direction or run towards the player kamikaze style, the main challenge of the game is that just like Contra you will die in one hit (thankfully you have 3 lives per continue) and playing Normal mode will mean a complete restart of the level or Easy where you can give it one more go from where you left off with 3 renewed lives. However since bullets tend to drift the screen can often become littered with straying shots where the player will have to react very quickly in order to dodge every hit and take out some enemies before the next barrage which tends to be borderline impossible.

However while CD players similar to Contra it doesn’t feel as smooth as it’s senior, sadly after a few and even with the variety of different guns placed within the levels you’ll often find yourself restarting for the several hundredth time in what becomes a mere memory game as you try to learn the rather mish mash of attack patterns and spawn points. This is due to a couple of small gripes that sadly add up to a large sized blemish on this fun little title, as mentioned above the awkward enemy placements, plus your extra weapons never really feel quiet that satisfying besides the multigun and finally the controls.

While controls are most solid jumping tends to be really floaty, trying to do simple platforming who have me jumping into the same few stray bullets from off screen and especially makes certain levels where you almost need to make a leap of faith to progress much more difficult than they should be especially with some rather unfair enemy placements.  

Sadly I feel that two small adjustments would’ve fixed this, a tighter jump control, and if you were able to switch between run-n-gun to a fixed position aiming allowing you to aim diagonally up and down without having to run into the enemies you’re trying to avoid.

Chaos Domain is still addictively fun, and while really it doesn’t do anything new (which seems to be an instant negative review according to the internet these days), it does offer two player local Co Op which doesn’t remedy the aggravating difficulty at times but does solidify it’s worth for a buy and helps bolster the library of good ol’ couch multiplayer gaming.


Fun fast paced gameplay,


Simple pick up and play,

Catchy Soundtrack.



Unfair enemy placements and attack patterns,

No real difference in difficulty,

Floaty controls.

Final verdict,
Chaos Domain fires away for a 6/10.


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