Title: Dead Effect
Platform: Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux (tba)

Reviewed on: Windows
Genre: Horror, Sci-Fi, Action
Players: Single player, Multiplayer (tba)

Written by Whistler 30th April 2014

Every year passes and it seems mobile devices are becoming ever more dominant and with it so has the mobile gaming market boomed.
Lately mobile gaming has flooded with tons of titles from Candy Crush, Angry Birds and that other bird related game (oh which I refuse to mention for as long as I live), and while many casual gamers are happy to spend some downtime with these titles I for one tend to avoid them and their PC ports that are cropping up a lot on Steam.

Thankfully while Dead Effect has been on iOS and Android before making its way to PC and Mac as an early access title, is not another addition to the of ‘why-mobile-games-should-stay-on-mobile’ basket.

Dead Effect is a survival Sci-Fi first person shooter with some light RPG mechanics thrown in, sporting the Unity Engine and developed by five man team, Indev Brain.
The game sees our protagonists, Gunnar Davis and Jane Frey, fight their way through hordes of space zombies on board the ESS Meridian as they do all they can to discover the truth behind the events that befell the spacecraft, search for survivors and above all else, survive.

While Dead Effect doesn’t excel visually (at least for now) it does look pretty good for an indie title with a graphical upgrade for its PC transformation and has a style likened to that of Id software’s Doom 3.
Locales tend to look a bit copy and paste from time to time but show some real promise, interestingly the zombies in Dead Effect are really nicely detailed with some half decent animations; while I haven’t had the chance to play around with all the available weapons each gun is nicely varied from the other and each had a nice solid feel to them.

Gameplay is nothing new, you start by picking between two separate characters and begin your zombie hunting as you explore the corpse filled hallways of the ESS Meridian. While of course we’ve seen it all before, it doesn’t stop the first person zombie shooting from being a blast (pun not intended) with ever satisfying headshots and vast hordes of zombies to fight through similar to Killing Floor.

However Dead Effect does suffer from some growing pains as it transitions to the PC; while it’s a small gripe, having to ‘tap’ repeatedly in order to open lockers or the rather poor voice acting. My biggest gripe however is that visually the game is nice, but the presentation of the huds and menus are personally in need of an overhaul as they’re a real eyesore in amongst the rest of the visuals.

When all is said and done Dead Effect in its current state is a fun first person zombie shooter that granted brings nothing new to the genre, (doesn’t need to). As an early access title that’s not even the cost of a pizza it’s worth taking a look at with extras such as multiplayer (both pvp and co op) planned and of course the joys of being a part of making the game better with user feedback, Dead Effect shows some real promise upon completion.


Nice visuals,

Fun simplistic gameplay,

Space Zombies (it’s a thing).


Poor voice acting,

Ugly UI and Menus.


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