Title: Destiny Quest Infinite
Platform: Browser Based

Genre: RPG, Text-based
Players: Single player

Written by Dragoon 23rd June 2015

As a kid I either had my nose buried in a book or a controller in my hands so you can imagine the delight I felt when I found out about a series of books that were also games! These books had you take the role of a hero on an epic quest where you had to keep a note of your equipment and stats while flipping to the page that matched the various decisions you could make. The Destiny Quest book series is a more modern take on those older books and it is this series that Destiny Quest Infinite is based on, offering you that same experience without all the trouble of keeping track of all those stats manually. But is this an epic adventure that will go down in legend or does it just end up being forgotten?

Gameplay is fairly simple due to the games text based nature. You flip through the virtual pages and make decisions that affect your story or reward you with various stat increasing items. There are four main stats in the game which all affect different things. There are two damage stats, brawn or magic, and the higher of the two is the one you will use in battles but there doesn’t seem to be much of a difference between the two. There is an armor stat that reduces the damage you take from enemies and then there is the all-powerful speed stat. This determines who gets to attack in combat so it seems to make most sense to get every piece of speed increasing equipment you can.

Battles consist of a series of dice rolls, first you and your enemy roll for speed with the winner getting to attack. The attacker then gets to roll for damage and then it’s back to square one. There are various skills you can activate to change the tide of battle, for example the Charm ability lets you reroll one die, which add a little bit of variety but unfortunately these battles tend to be tedious due to the overly long dice animation and high health bars the later enemies have. Another problem is that there seems to be no penalty for losing since you just restart at the same quest point so battles are pretty much just down to trying your luck until you win.

A text based adventure is only as strong as its story and thankfully Destiny Quest Infinite delivers here. The story has you play as a hero who wakes up in the aftermath of a battle with no recollection of your past and nothing but a shadowy mark on your hand. You then set off to find out who and what you are while doing various quests which each have their own story and rewards. One of my favourite side quests was one where you are almost ran over by a lady who invites you to her castle as an apology. You then lose all your weapons and find out all the lords and ladies are vampires and have to fight your way out with a witch hunter. There are a large amount of quests with multiple paths but you cannot replay them which is a shame and this can be an issue if you finish all the quests and hit a wall in a harder one due to inadequate equipment.

While the adventure is exciting the game is let down by its few gameplay elements, the developer tried too hard to keep the games mechanics the same as the books which worked against it. Things like the RNG battles and the inability to replay quests hindered the game and are things that worked well in the books but needed to be adapted for the video game medium. The story is great though and there are nice illustrations dotted throughout that really help give the game some life, unfortunately these are few and far between.


Great story,

Nice illustrations,

Wide range of quests.



Cannot replay previous quests,

Tedious battles,

No penalty for failure.

Final verdict,

Destiny Quest Infinite rolls itself a 6/10.

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