Title: DuckTales Remastered
Platform: PC, PS3, Xbox 360, Wii U

Reviewed on: Windows
Genre: Adventure, Platformer

Players: Single Player

Written by Whistler 30th November 2013

Ah remember the good ol' days of Disney, what could they not get wrong?
I pretty much spent my childhood (and admittedly some of my teenage life) in love with Disney;
be it their animated films, timeless cartoons or hell, even their video games were good!

Back then in both the 8 and 16 bit era, Disney entrusted their licence in a handful of select developers, in particular, Capcom. DuckTales the video game was a huge commercial success back around 1990, where the title managed to become Capcom's highest selling game for both the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) and the Gameboy respectively.

So needless to say in hearing DuckTales was being remastered I was very excited to get to grabbing treasure with my good Scottish fellow, Scrooge McDuck.
DuckTales Remastered is way more than I was even expecting, visuals are grade A (A for awesome that is) works of art, most if not all sprites have been fully re worked in stylistic Disney drawn goodness.

Animations are smooth and full of life that are complimented with the games nice framerate and side scrolling 3D environments and while HD textures are expected; what made the levels truly come alive to me was the full re imaging of the original work while completely mirroring its 8 bit self.
Sadly there are only 7-9 levels roughly (as was in the original), each level is full of life and surprisingly big in scale overall.

Gameplay pretty much mirrors word for word of the original be it with a bit more room to move around and adjustments for the animations etc, controls are nice and tight as they should be but hit boxes tend to be a bit off in areas where they are either difficult to ascertain what will actually hit you and how close something can be before it hits you. That being said its a small flaw that doesn't harm the game overall, while the game’s relatively simple it is still rather challenging and at times while it is for kids feels a bit above the average difficulty if not played on easy mode. While I couldn't see many changes in difficulty besides having limited lives on normal mode, personally I feel medium difficulty needs tweaked as often dying from the smallest mistakes with limited lives tends to leave you restarting levels again and again. While understandably this is to increase game length and promotes actually learning to play the game properly, I feel they should have at least threw in more extra lives to gain throughout the levels.

While the story and dialogue is fairly simplistic (this is old school Disney's DuckTales after all), that Disney magic has been captured perfectly. Simply put Scrooge must go about collecting a bunch of treasure cause that's what he does best and of course he meets many friends and enemies along the way from the cartoon show, this is all tied together brilliantly thanks to all (or most) of the original voice cast of the show lending themselves to breathe life with fully voiced cutscenes.

Along with the original dialogue came fully remastered versions of the game's original soundtracks, be it the Amazon level theme, or the DuckTales main theme song and of course the Moon level the soundtrack has been masterfully redone, complete with all the whizzbangs a classic such as this game deserves.

While I would make a complaint at the games rather short length, with 3-4 hours for a single playthrough (add an extra 1-2 depending on skill), you can add an extra 2 hours to beat the game again on harder difficulty(s) and collect all extras. The game is still highly enjoyable and is perfect for both old fans and probably their kids too. DuckTales Remastered sets a bar that all HD remakes should strive to achieve, not only reworking textures and such; but to go above and beyond to not just remake, but remaster the classics we all love.

DuckTales Remastered is a must play for old school gamers and is a perfect game for the little ones (especially if you're trying to brainwashing them into loving Disney).



High stylistic hand drawn sprites,

Best remade soundtrack (ever?),

Bright and colourful imagery,

Original voice cast,

Completely mirrored levels.


Odd hit box detection,

Needs more extra lives,

Short play length.

Final verdict ,

DuckTales Remastered wins a 9 out of 10.

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