Title: Hitman

Platform: Steam, Windows, Linux, Mac, PS4, Xbox One

Reviewed on: PS4

Genre: Stealth, Action

Players: Single player

Written by Whistler 12th June 2016

As Agent 47’s journey continues, this month’s trip sees our assassin landed right into the sun blazed Moroccan city of Marrakesh. With a change of location comes a change of tone; Claus Hugo Stranberg, CEO of a major private bank, has been accused of embezzling billions of Moroccan dollars and is now hiding within the Swedish embassy. Outside the embassy is wrought with chaos as crowds of people gather wanting Claus’ head on a stick. To save his skin he’s enlisted one Raze Zayden, a general in the Moroccan army with alternative motive as he uses the commotion to set off a military Coup d'état.

While Claus hides in the safety of the embassy fortress, the general is cooped up in a rundown hideout on the other side of town planning to spread propaganda throughout the city. You begin the mission in the brimming foreign marketplace with various twists and turns throughout its streets. While they’re some interesting concepts peppered throughout the mission and the setting was potentially more interesting than the previous two, it just falls short of what could have been really great.

There’s still some creative opportunities like being able to swap places with a hostage to get the drop on the target, the episode felt rather restrictive in regards to experimentation.

Sadly once again voice acting plays a role in dampening the experience; surrounded by the citizens of Morocco, a nation with a largely Arab population, you’ll find naught but English speaking NPCs with not even a hint of an accent. This issue has largely plague the series on whole and is all the more poignant this time around that’s starting to grind on any chance of emersion.

The streets are still a pleasure to traverse, where Sapienza was only sprinkled with NPCs, Marrakesh is brimming with them showing just how vastly populated the environments can be. It’s a fantastic environment with plenty of colour and goings on that makes it all the more challenging to go about hitman-ing without being seen.

Perhaps not because of the episode itself, but with Marrakesh I feel like this Hitman experience has begun to run dry before it’s even managed the halfway point. It’s still a fun addition to the episodic series so far but so much more could have been done with the setting given the civil uprising. Sadly all the opportunities and tools at your disposal just aren’t nearly as inventive or impactful as the series has lived up to. This middle child would have likely been ignored in a full release but is all the more noticeably mediocre given the episodic monthly wait.


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Score will be withheld until the full release.


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