Title: Hitman

Platform: Steam, Windows, Linux, Mac, PS4, Xbox One

Reviewed on: PS4

Genre: Stealth, Action

Players: Single player

Written by Whistler 11th May 2016

With episode one’s strong launch we were all a little weary if it would lose steam all too quickly. So does Agent 47’s trip to the little Italian seaside town of Sapienza deliver or has the quality dropped already?

Located in ‘The jewel of the Amalfi Coast”, Agent 47’s targets are the renowned yet troubled minded engineer and former client Silvo Caruso along with his lab head, Francesca De Santis. A third non-living target is Caruso’s pet project, a weaponized virus capable of being loaded into firearms that can pass through bodies unnoticed until embedded into their intended targets and destroying their DNA.

Well at least in terms of size and variety episode two not only delivers but expands the sandbox with an entire European town brimming with life, a sprawling mansion and a secret underground facility. The level is so much bigger that it felt great to actually want to experiment more with the starting locations you slowly unlock, the town itself is varied with cobblestone alleyways, a beach, a church, cafés and even a fort overlooking the ocean.

Admittedly the sudden additional layers to the sandbox are a little more intimidating but exploring Sapienza was a reward in itself. The incredibly non-linear environment was a sight to behold with the visual standards set in episode one and all the more enjoyable as I discovered methods of assassination, security weak points and opportunities with each playthrough.

I will say though that I’m not sure if this has came in light of an update or the level itself, but this time around I could barely hear the game over my PS4’s overambitious fan. It’s a small complaint but was rather jarring to hear the equivelant to a vacuum cleaner next to me even when in Hitman’s menu screens.

There is a great variety on display here from tools of assassination and set pieces ranging from your typical poisoning to disguising yourself as the target’s secret lover or a psychiatrist. Experimenting was so much more enjoyable this time thanks to the size of the sandbox allowing for more flashier assassinations and even a handful of sniper nests. It must be said though that the terribly subpar voice acting this time around hampered the experience. Too often did I notice repeating dialogue and too often did most of the voice actors lack a sense of belief, perhaps due to the majority of American English accents in what’s meant to be an Italian town.

Episode two is a great follow up and worth the wait (granted a little worrying that it missed the promised monthly mark). It’s a massive sandbox with plenty of variety within its many layers. Now that we see the sandboxes are working the plot is desperately needing ramped up as it’s growing rather difficult to stay invested in the overarching plot that’s been given in 2 minute chunks.


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