Title: Mighty Switch Force! - Hyper Drive Edition
Platform: Steam, Wii-U, Windows

Reviewed on: Windows

Genre: Puzzle, Platformer
Players: Single player

Written by Dragoon 7th August 2015

WayForward Technologies Mighty Switch Force! Hyper Drive Edition is a HD release of the original Mighty Switch Force! on 3DS and while it hasn’t changed much in the gameplay department it has added a slew of new content such as additional levels and high definition graphics. Have Wayforward flipped the right switch with this release or is it just a big turn off?

Mighty Switch Force! follows the adventures of cybernetic peace keeper Patricia Wagon as she tries to apprehend the renegade Hooligan sisters who have escaped from custody. Armed with her trusty Pellet Gun and her unique Helmet Siren, which allows her to switch the world around her in an instant, it’s up to her to re-capture the five sisters. The story is barebones and is basically just there to set the scene for the puzzle platforming action but Wayforward does it well with their trademark charm and comedy.

Our heroine has a fairly simple moveset consisting of jumping, shooting and her trademark block switching but you know how the saying goes, it’s not about the size it’s how you use it and Wayforward have squeezed everything they could out of this fantastic mechanic. With a press of a button you can fade various platforms in and out of existence instantly and it’s the clever use of this ability that will determine your success.

Your goal in each level, or incident as the game calls them, is to apprehend the five Hooligan Sisters and get to your extraction robot while avoiding and defeating the various hazards presented to you. You will encounter various enemies that will harm you if touched but they can also be used to complete the puzzles. Some enemies can only be killed using switching so intelligent use of the level itself as a weapon is the key to completing certain incidents. This is a great feature because it stops you from just running and gunning and makes you think about the best way to dispose of the enemies.

There are multiple types of blocks that behave differently in each level such as cannon blocks that shoot you or your enemies in a direction when switched into them and goo blocks that aren’t affected by switching but allow you to shoot through them. The normal solid blocks can be used as both platforms and as weapons since they kill anything that is inside them when they fade back into existence, including yourself. There are also various stage hazards such as spikes and mines that have to be avoided. Every incident is well designed and balanced.

There are sixteen regular stages and five bonus ones to complete and once you do them all you unlock remixed versions of each stage giving you forty two in all which is a great amount. Each level is designed to be completed quickly, taking a handful of minutes to finish, but there is a par time for each that really makes you want to reach it by replaying the level, giving the game great replay value as well as an online leaderboards to compare your times with the rest of the world. There are also various unlockable costumes and weapons for Patricia which gives you some nice variety.

Mighty Switch Force! has a charming visual style that really pops out at you, which makes sense when you consider it’s 3D origins on the 3DS. The game makes great use of bright, vibrant colours and the various enemies and the characters themselves all look great. The pictures you see at the end of an incident are fun and feel like a nice reward for finishing the level. The soundtrack is fantastic and while the voice acting is minimal it’s delivered with high energy and enthusiasm that really matches the games fun and bright dynamic.

Overall Mighty Switch Force! Hyper Drive Edition is a fantastic game with an innovative mechanic and stand-out visuals that differentiate it from the crowd. The levels are well designed and the gameplay is fast and fun with great replayability. The soundtrack is steller and really helps bring the whole game together. The only negative things I can really say about it is that it’s a tad short at face value and the lack of story might put some off. I highly recommend giving it a go to both newcomers and to people who have played the original, there’s enough added to make it worth it.


Charming Visuals,

Fantastic Soundtrack,

Great Level Desgin,
Good replayability.


A little short,

Story is barebones.

Final verdict,

Mighty Switch Force! Hyper Drive Editions switches into a 9/10.

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