Title: Project Root
Platform: Steam, Windows, PS Vita

Reviewed on: Windows
Genre: Action, Sci Fi, Bullet hell
Players: Single player

Written by Whistler 1st July 2014

If you were born around the 90’s then it’s likely you played a few bullet hell shooters like R-Type, Einhander, Dradius, Pulstar, and the list goes on.

All these titles belonging to the genre are all still vividly remembered and are still tough as nails to boot, but oddly the genre seems to have quietened down for a fair while now. Well if you felt your intake of the genre was rather low then you might be one to look towards Argentinian devs, OPQAM and its latest title Project Root.

Now in a technical sense this little bullet hell title does everything it should, it somewhat expands on the genre while incorporating what worked in its predecessors from days of yonder; but myself I felt Project Root just doesn’t do enough to grab my interest long enough. Visuals are average, story borderlines non-existent (though feels like it was shoe horned in there rather unnecessarily), soundtrack is passable and gameplay is okay.

Changing from the usual formula, Project Root utilizes a somewhat off putting angled view that’s somewhere in between bird’s eye view and questionable developer choice.

While it is understandably to make for a more modern take on the usual top down view in other scrollers but it just makes it feel off especially with the player ship’s cumbersome movements. Objectives revolve mostly around find the thingy that needs to be destroyed, destroy all bogies in sight or go find that thingy so you can get to the next thingy (sorry the game is so mediocre I feel I should emulate it in my writing).

Hell for a bullet hell the difficulty isn’t from the waves of enemies, it’s from a combination of what feels like some poor design choices.

Project Root flaunts that it has an ‘open world’ allowing for full 360 degree dog fights and while this sounds like a natural progression the genre needs, it only makes combat tedious. Having hordes of enemies shoot at you from all angles and even off screen along with the sluggish movements and a rather short field of view around your ship makes for some frustrating gameplay.

Now I’ll concede I’m not that big on bullet hells, I just never really go out of my way to play them unless with a fellow gamer but the overall quality of Project Root barely scales past low end PS2 gaming with peeks at average across the board; honestly the title just doesn’t ignite a spark with myself and after the first two levels I was already bored due to the slow paced action and tediously long level design.

Perhaps it’ll be different for enthusiasts of the genre but I don’t see Project Root staying in my Steam library for too long if it’s most prominent feature is that it works; it functions, but doesn’t impress.




Poor game design choices,

Combat is sluggish,

Average overall.

Final verdict,

Project Root scores a mediocre 4 out of 10.

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