Title: Risk of Rain
Platform: Steam, Windows

Reviewed on: Windows
Genre: Adventure, RPG, Platformer
Players: Single player, Co Op

Written by Whistler 22nd November 2013

Risk of Rain is an interesting rouge-like RPG platformer developed by 3 man team (including the sound composer), Hopoo games. This game is as indie as it gets, both developers, Paul Morse and Duncan Drummond, are both university students who made this in their spare time (with no financial backing as far as I'm aware), and this in no way has hampered this game.

Risk of Rain is a marvellous game.

Suppose I should write more than that; Risk of Rain is a tale set in the distant future where space travel is the norm, sadly as expected your ship the UES Contact Light, carrying a fair bit of cargo ends up crashing on an alien planet and now it's your job (hopefully with fellow survivors) to grab as much loot as you can and em. Not actually sure what the goal of the game is besides survive.

You don't really need more of a goal to be honest, Risk of Rain employs a rather interesting mechanic, combined with the typical levelling up, sharing items with various effects and surviving the hordes of enemies within each level; players will find that they are in fact timed the second they start playing they are being timed with each passing minute increasing the game's difficulty (slower in easy mode).
This adds a whole new dimension to the game as where of course farming enemies, making sure no chest is left unopened and making sure you have time to regenerate heal are usual tropes to ensure victory in fact now lead to your downfall adding an element of risk and an interesting balance to game play.

While gameplay is fairly basic with each character class (ten in total) having four moves each that act completely different from each other. Where usually RPGs of this kind tend to have classes doubling up when there's so many options, Risk of Rain's character variation is really well balanced and leads to a mass range of different tactics and styles (I myself am rather fond of the engineer and enforcer).

However it is certainly not all perfect, sadly the game does feel like it's in need of a bit more balancing where I found myself having a much harder time with more players. Whether it's scaling needing tweaked or more items to account for more players as often one player can grab every piece of loot in a level while the rest are left to fend for themselves; this combined with game's ever progressing difficulty often leads to a bunch of the players dying really quickly as it becomes impossible to catch up after one or so deaths. While yes you could argue that's the players' fault but in most cases due to the almost infinite number of enemy spawns and huge maps you tend to find yourself making a mad grab at any items you pass just in the hopes of it helping, (can't really make a sensible decision when there's half an army of ghost gnawing your leg).

Sadly while Risk of Rain is a very Co Op orientated game it sadly utilizes a rather poor method of hosting/joining games where players must manually input the host's IP address to connect which has lead to spamming the Steam forms or coaxing your mates to play. Personally I think this is an issue needing addressed as being able to just click multiplayer and join someone’s game from a list is less a hassle and the IP method is way outdated at this stage.

Besides this there isn't really anything to complain about, no really, visually the game is awesome with a good use of scale and is wonderfully colourful without being distracting or in you face. While maps do get a bit same-ish after a while (would be nice to see more added), they are still visually appealing and get the job done (can't really be too harsh on a three man dev team).

In the end there isn't really much to say about Risk of Rain, it's a simple rouge-like RPG that is fun, addictive and has a lot of re-playability especially with mates so far managing a very solid 10 hours from me (itching to play it right now); much like Killing Floor and Binding of Isaac, Risk of Rain could probably manage another 10-20 before it gets remotely dull.

I for one look forward to what Hopoo games bring to the table next time and am already praying for DLC (paid or otherwise).



Additively fun gameplay,

Good Replayability,

8 bit glory.


Sudden difficultly jumps with more players,

Lack of level variation,

Co Op through manual IP inputs.

Final verdict,

Risk of Rain storms a 7.5 out of 10.

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