Title: Space Farmers
Platform: PC, Steam, Desura, IndieDB

Reviewed on: Windows
Genre: Puzzle, Comedic
Players: Co Op Only

Written by Whistler 5th June 2014

Now I imagine much like myself, seeing Space, Farmers and the games imagery; you most likely thought to yourself either “wtf am I looking at?” or “Oh god not another Minecraft clone”. Don’t let that fool you though as I discovered upon booting up Space Farmers developed by the humble Bumpkin Brothers from England is in fact a top town Co Op puzzle game set in space (well a spaceship).

Space Farmers follows the story of two average-Joe farmers who are for whatever reason abducted by a spaceship full of alien robots with no tea facilities nearby you and a friend must solve puzzles, shoot robots and throw indestructible pigs in front of laser beams as you fight your way to freedom and escape the spaceship.

While granted a bit less on the over thinking side and more situational execution timing, gameplay is likened to that of Valve’s Portal 2 Co Op mode where buddies will need to rely rather heavily on each other especially through communication as puzzles will often require well-timed execution, your partner to be off screen, trust and understanding especially since you will face rather hilarious chaos seeing as if one player burns to a crisp, is eaten by robots or falls into the emptiness of space you will have to restart the level from the beginning (be prepared to die, a lot).
Through the various levels that often use on or two puzzle gimmicks you will learn then execute in order to progress, from simple button standing and maze traversing to more deadly electrified floors with mirrored rooms, a threat of life connecting the co-opians together and switching their controls around or button combinations with laser beams closing in.

Interestingly you don’t actually play through all the levels to beat the game as it were, what happens is once you start a game with your friend (not included with the game) the game will hand out five randomly selected levels out of 20+ (and increasing) and once you finish these you will arrive at an oddly planned party where you can either jump on the convenient space bikes to freedom, take on challenges or restart and be handed another five randomly picked puzzles. However my gripe with this is that you will more than likely be handed already completed levels which does get tedious especially since you can have five maps randomly handed to you that have already done before though after completing ten separate levels you can from there select any levels at your own choosing.

While granted visuals are rather dated and basic, they feel ‘right’ for this game.
Everything is cubed much like Minecraft and you characters bob around the place, but given the not-so-serious manner the game treats itself it fits the scene and honestly fits the devilishly-innocent comedic value Space Farmers aims for.

In the end myself and Xeno went into this game with relatively low expectations and didn’t really know what to expect and what we got was roughly an two hours of pure unfiltered co op gold with unrelenting laughing fits, the occasional crying in frustration and a few louder than reasonable shouting at the monitor moments (lasers do that).
While granted it probably only takes maybe 4 hours total to fully complete all the levels, challenges and to probably unlock 85% of the achievements, it’s a quint little title that is what co op games are made of where you and your friend will reminisce on well after playing (I take no responsibility if you and your friend don’t talk to each other afterwards). While hopefully the Bumpkin Brothers keep to their word with adding more levels and a local splitscreen option, Space Farmers is still a really fun title that even gives you an ‘friend’ copy to gift on purchasing and is certainly something to have a look at for those who really enjoy the Co Op puzzle solving in Portal 2.


Fun and hilarious Co Op gameplay,

Simple to learn, challenging to execute.



Can end up repeating several levels,

Is occasionally unfair with no checkpoints,

Somewhat short.

Final verdict,
Space Farmers gets a well-deserved for a 7/10.


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