Title: Stranded
Platform: Steam, PC

Reviewed on: Windows

Genre: Adventure, Puzzle, Point & Click
Players: Single player

Written by Whistler 11th June 2014

Brought to you by Curve Studios, Stranded is a part pixel art piece, part point and click adventure title where you the player assume a lone astronaut as they awake from their cryostasis to discover the ship has crashed landed on an alien planet and time is running out as oxygen tanks begin to run dry. With nothing more than a holographic mapper, a space suit and your noggin, you will have to venture out into the red sands, explore its mysteries and immerse yourself into this love letter to the classic point and clicks of yesteryears.

Visually Stranded is an artistic sight to behold for those fond of pixel-esque styles of the 16bit era that is filled with a very colourful palette but does tend to lean towards the bleak tones as you progress from slide to slide of the wastelands. However while visuals are very nice to look at, combined with certain game mechanics I’ll mention in a moment, the game gets dull, really quickly; whether this is cause I’m a disgusting casual gamer when it comes to point and clicks as the myself and the genre have never really seen eye to eye besides a few titles remains to be seen.

Gameplay consists of walking from screen to screen as you occasionally find certain objects to interact with but often you’ll be taking on the role of the audience as there is little interactivity besides moving from screen to screen at a snail’s pace, viewing your minimap and going back to the ship to rest. Perhaps I’m missing something but while the game changes every time you replay it, Stranded just doesn’t offer enough to keep me interested.

Just as much as it pains me to say it, while Stranded is a visual art piece you should definitely have a look at for viewing indulgence; as a game it tightropes between minimal interactive tech demo or game preview.

It’s not to say the game is bad, as it isn’t, it’s just as game I feel it doesn’t have enough content nor offer enough gameplay to really justify an investment even if it is pretty cheap; while those who are fans of the point and click genre might enjoy this piece after 50 minutes of gameplay I don’t think I’ll be revisiting the red sands of Stranded again.



Nice Visuals,

Good Atmospheric music,

Unique feel.


Incredibly short,

Little Content,

Barely any interactivity.

Final verdict ,

Stranded crash lands with a 4.5 out of 10.

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